The Take Away: 10 Recommendations to Integrate into your Professional Life

 Ruth Spiegel is a Featured Mentor by South Florida Business Journal

10 Recommendations to Integrate into your Professional Life -  Cold Stone

South Florida Business Journal invited our own Ruth Spiegel to be a mentor at the 2nd Annual Mentoring Monday event which took place at NOVA Southeastern University on March 30th, 2015. Ruth was one of  37 business women in South Florida who offered wisdom and advice to women at various stages of their career life. Ruth shared  her expertise and as a take away suggested 10 insights that have been central to her successful career as an entrepreneur:

  1. “Know Thyself” – invest in serious introspection (who, what and why).
  2. Know your value – what do you bring to the able in terms of education, experience, skill sets, motivation.
  3. Be a good listener –“when you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. When you listen you may learn something new” – Dalai Lama.
  4. Embrace challenges – recognize the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone.
  5. Embrace change – it’s inevitable and often affords opportunities.
  6. Set priorities – to achieve a result you need to know where to start
  7. Recognize that both failure and success contributes to learning.
  8. Find balance in your life.
  9. “Be” in the moment.
  10. “Golden Rule” – treat everyone with respect.

We are so proud that Ruth was invited again to be a featured mentor during Mentoring Monday.

Mentoring Monday is a national effort by more than 40 American City Business Journals news outlets that encourages women successful in business to share their knowledge to help nurture and inspire others.