10 Ways to Make Your Next Executive Retreat Absolutely Stellar

10 Ways to Make Your Next Executive Retreat Absolutely Stellar on coldstonesouthflorida.com

If you’re going to ask people to leave home, make it worth their while


Whether the goal is to reward achievement, build relationships, solve specific issues, set new goals or enhance creative thinking, you’ll be a star if you incorporate these 10 strategies into your next executive retreat.

  1. Focus on the specific purpose for the retreat and write a succinct, inclusive mission statement.
  1. Location selection is key. Factors are: purpose of the retreat, available time, budget and attendee numbers. Choosing well now can save time, money and headaches.
  1. Know your people. Who golfs? Who does yoga? Who is an early riser or a night owl? Who has a food allergy? With small retreats in particular, knowing these details can make all the difference.
  1. Have a clear agenda and a prioritized list of discussion topics in advance. Make a personal call to discuss agenda topics with relevant attendees prior to the event for productive feedback and to anticipate issues in advance.
  1. Check, re-check and triple check all required printed documents and technology. Bring extra batteries and power cords. Small problems can derail big plans in this category so be thorough.
  1. In general, mornings are best for meetings and afternoons for smaller group projects, independent meetings and activities.
  1. Cocktail hour is often squeezed between work sessions and dinner with very little time. Be sure to have enough bartenders so that clients can spend time socializing in that brief time before dinner rather than standing in line.
  1. Be realistic. Don’t exhaust the overachievers by giving them a jam packed schedule and more fun events than they can handle. Free time is important for connection and creative breakthroughs.
  1. Go local. Use local food, drinks, cultural activities, specialty products, events, and speakers to give your attendees an authentic experience. It’s educational too!
  1. Splurge on fine things—like specialty desserts and one of a kind experiences. Who needs more golf shirts?

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