10 Weddings Trends of 2014

Make Your Wedding Stand Out With These Hot Wedding Trends

Your wedding. It’s the day every little girl dreams of and is one of the most important days of your life, so it’s important to get it just the way you want. Whether you’re wedding is large or small, inside or outside, winter or summer etc., it will be a day you will remember for the rest of your life. We’ve seen some awesome new trends in weddings over the past few years that help make the ceremony and reception stand out for not only the bride and groom, but also all the guests.

10 Wedding Trends of 2014 Cold Stone

As you start to plan your wedding, consider 10 of the Prevailing 2014 Wedding Trends:

  1. Invitations are petite, often smaller than 5 X 7. Add free-hand calligraphy and the look becomes whimsical.
  2. Colors and patterns are softer, with an abundance of nudes and blushes and earthy tones.
  3. Flowers are oversized and dramatic. Garlands prevail.10 Wedding Trends of 2014 Cold Stone 2
  4. The walk down the aisle is enhanced by offering guests some insights about the couple, their families and the story of how they met.
  5. Music choices reflect ethnicity and creativity. If it’s a Brazilian wedding think Samba. If it’s a Jewish wedding think Klezmer!
  6. Cakes are fabulous with uneven tiers wrapped in textured frosting and adorned with custom toppers representing the unique qualities of the couple.
  7. Menus emphasize quality and seasonality, and flavor profiles tend toward the spicy. Consider tasting stations displaying fork-friendly, tapas style offerings or consider going family style at the table where dining becomes interactive as guests engage with one another.
  8. Consider a “slo-mo” photo booth where pictures are automatically uploaded to social media. Alternatively have guests write a personalized message to the lucky couple on a blackboard, take a picture of the message and the guests and, voila, you’ve created a photo diary.
  9. Extend the concept of tasting stations to desserts where the offerings might include Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Cupcakes and Ice Cream Sandwiches. Or consider offering the “Ultimate Ice Cream Experience” where your guests enjoy watching as their ice cream creation is customized for them on the frozen granite stone.10 Wedding Trends of 2014 Cold Stone 3
  10. Edible favors reign supreme. Send your guests home with a pint of Cold Stone Creamery hand-packed ice cream (2 spoons and napkins) or think Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory hand-dipped caramel apples tied with personalized ribbon.

But remember, trends notwithstanding, your wedding is about you and your partner and should reflect your unique personalities and tastes. Whether you choose to go a more traditional route or try something unique like party games and photo booths, your wedding is going to be a day you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, so plan accordingly and enjoy!