Fun Facts about Ice cream Around the World

Fun Facts about Ice cream Around the World on

What is the history of ice cream and how does it differ across the globe?

Where did it come from, and why does it taste so good? The refreshing dessert was created centuries ago by mixing sweet cream and custard and cooling with ice. The first reference of ice cream in the Oxford English Dictionary was printed in 1688. However, it wasn’t until mass modern technology and the creation of the refrigerator and freezer that ice cream became a common treat for families and friends of all ages. Since 1688, ice cream has evolved into different flavors, with a variety of names, and many methods of making this tasty treat.

Who consumes the most ice cream?

When Unilever researched the global ice cream consumption in 2013, it discovered that New Zealand ranked highest in the world for ice cream consumption. The United States fell close behind, followed by Australia, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Italy and the UK.

What are the most popular flavors in the US?

While there is an exorbitant amount of flavors to choose from, the most popular is the most simple: vanilla. Next in line in chocolate, followed by butter pecan, according to a survey conducted by the International Dairy Foods Association. Fourth on the list is a tie between rocky road, coffee, and Neapolitan.

Is ice cream the same across the world?

In Italy, ice cream is referred to as gelato. While America’s ice cream might be more rich and fluffy, gelato differs in terms of density. Gelato is also known to be more intense than American ice cream, as it ripples and glides across the tongue rather than form into neat scoops. This is due to the fact that gelato has a higher volume of milk versus cream, a slower churn drawing in less air, and fewer (or no) eggs. Gelato is also typically served a bit warmer than American ice cream.

In Indian cultures, ice cream is known as kulfi, which is frozen in molds rather than churned. The milk is cooked for hours on the stove with sugar, nuts, and/or spices until it thickens. Then, it is hardened into the shape of a Popsicle and eaten on sticks.

Thailand’s ice cream is called I tim pad and is a made-to-order ice cream typically eaten as a street snack. I tim pad is also not churned, but quick-frozen on a frozen metal disc. In just a couple minutes, the liquid base freezes into a thin pancake, where mix-ins are added.

America’s ice cream

According to the FDA, America’s style of ice cream requires a minimum of 10% butterfat and 1.4% egg yolk solids, although most homemade recipes don’t follow these restrictions. This could be the reason homemade ice cream tends to taste much richer than what’s found in stores. Regardless of where the percentages fall, American ice cream is known for its balance of richness and lightness, all in a single scoop.

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