3 Fun Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees This Summer

3 Fun Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees This Summer on coldstonesouthflorida.com

It’s time to make work a little more satisfying.


Summer’s almost here. For many folks, this means lazy days spent by the pool and maybe even a vacation adventure. For employers, it can mean lower productivity. So how can you keep employees motivated throughout the summer? By showing your appreciation for the hard work they’ve already been doing! Nothing builds team spirit, boosts morale and increases productivity like knowing that you’re valued. So how can you foster that with your employees? Try one of these exciting ideas!

1. Take them out on an employee fun day

An employee fun day could consist of tons of things. Take the group out to go bowling, skating, or —well— maybe even something else that won’t end up in broken bones and sick days. Whether you decide to have a game night or go embarrass yourselves at a local karaoke club, you’ll be sure to make memories that last for a lifetime while showing your hard working employees how much you care.

2. Host a happy hour celebration

When it comes to celebrations, happy hour might be the way to go! You can take a poll of your office worker to see if they’re interested in a happy hour and, if so, where they’d like to go. Or, host a happy hour right in the office! Keep it simple by purchasing a few bottles of wine or go big by hiring a bar tender to make a couple signature drinks for an hour or two on a Friday night after hours. Don’t forget a few snacks while you’re at it!

3. Do a dessert day — you know you want to

While happy hour can be fun for a lot of office environments, others simply weren’t built for that type of fun. We can’t think of anyone on the planet who doesn’t love a good dessert every now and then—especially ice cream! Sure, maybe you and the team enjoy dessert together a few special days out of the year, cake on birthdays and festive treats throughout the holidays, but why not do something extra special and bring them the unique experience of Cold Stone Catering?

Because nothings says “thank you” quite like an ice cream social where we make custom treats for each of your employees with the portable version of our signature cold stone.

If you’re ready to give your employees the special summer treat they’ve been dreaming of, contact Cold Stone Catering of South Florida today! We’ll help you choose the right menu so everyone feels appreciated.