3 Sweet Catering Tips to Celebrate Promotions and Graduations

3 Sweet Catering Tips to Celebrate Promotions and Graduations on coldstonesouthflorida.com

Because it’s better to go big than go home


Whether it’s a student’s next-semester or grade promotion, or a full-blown graduation, these are always a cause for celebration. After all, school isn’t easy—from schoolwork and homework to pop quizzes, it takes some serious work to stay afloat enough to be promoted to the next level. That’s why it’s important to show your little ones just how proud you are of them with a great, big party!

It’s no secret that catering is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to throwing a successful event. Between the fun of socializing and games comes food—delectable, cultural, and celebratory.

Most parties are simple enough: you can either host a potluck where each guest brings a dish to share, or you can make the food for the entire party. We know, you’re probably pretty impressive in the kitchen, yourself. But it’s okay to let someone else do the job every now and then. That’s where caterers come in. They’re trained and skilled to do the jobs that you don’t know how to do—or the ones that you can do, but don’t have the time to do. Goodbye stress, hello snacks!

But what if you’ve never worked with a professional caterer before? Here are 4 sweet catering tips that’ll help you celebrate that grand graduation in style:

1. Don’t forget the linens

Depending on the size and caliber of your event, you might want to rent a few linens. Keep in mind, linen rental includes more than just table cloths—it consists of things like dishes, glasses, tableware, and the like. Basically, anything you can think of that goes on or around a table. Linen rental is a great idea for larger parties and events, because you won’t have to deal with three full sinks of dishes, and you can rent nicer statement pieces that really pop, setting the tone or keeping with the event theme.

2. Don’t be shy. Ask questions!

You should never feel like you’re in the dark regarding your catering. What time will the caterers get there? Will they drop off the food and go, set it up, or make it fresh at the venue? These are all things you should clarify before the event.

On top of that, you need know what type of food your caterers specialize in (and order that dish, because it’ll probably blow your mind), what special dishes they can make, and what items come with your catering. For example, if you’re having turkey burgers catered, are toppings included in your price? Same questions go for dessert caterers!

In fact, speaking of dessert…

3. Don’t forget dessert

One of the biggest catering mistakes is either forgetting dessert, or getting dessert from a caterer who doesn’t make it in-house. Dessert is supposed to be the icing on the cake for your event’s special meal (pun intended). So go with dessert experts who know what they’re doing in the land of sugar.

You want someone who knows the distinct balance of sweet and savory, cool and creamy. You want Cold Stone Catering. We’re a family owned and operated business with locations all across south Florida. And since we make our desserts in-house daily, you can be sure you’re always going to have a fresh batch. Now that’s sweet!

Contact us today with any questions or to place your catering order. We’d love to chat!