3 Unique Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year

3 Unique Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year on coldstonesouthflorida.com

School’s out for summer — and the kids deserve a party or two!

Before you know it, the end of school will be here — and whether you’re a teacher or parent, you can’t send those little cuties on summer break without congratulating them for a full year’s worth of hard work. What better way to celebrate than with these fun and festive ideas?

1. Pool party

Invite your child’s friends over for a splash of fun! We all know how hot it gets here in South Florida during the summer. By the time school is out, you’ll all be ready for a refreshing dip. Gather around the pool and put together a few fun and simple snack ideas the kids will love, like Goldfish crackers in giant sand castle buckets or “pool water”-colored Kool Aid!

2. Donate books

If you had to buy books for your kids this school year, gather a pile of them — and grab their friends’ or classmates’ books too! Then, take them over to the local library, thrift store, or even the nearest homeless shelter together. Your kids will be happy to kiss those books goodbye and they’ll learn a lifelong lesson about the joy of giving.

You'll help other curious children access those books if they’re looking for a good read, and you might even help a child in need who is entering the grade your child just completed. Celebration through giving is one of the most selfless ways to party — and it’s a great way to instill important values in your children.

3. End of school-year ice cream bash

There’s one thing all kids love — and that’s dessert! Who can blame them? An ice cream social is sure to be a celebration that they will remember for years to come and you might even decide to make it an annual event! Whether it’s held at a nearby park, in your backyard, or at the school, an ice cream bash is the perfect way to congratulate children for a year’s worth of hard work.

And throwing an ice cream celebration is easier than ever before with the help of Cold Stone Catering. We can cater any event with ease.

Pick your favorite flavors (and be sure to survey the kids; most children love the classics, along with fun new favorites like cake batter). Then, we’ll help you arrange the setup, or you can take over. Ever heard of a giant gutter sundae? Kids are obsessed with those, so it’s a perfect way to close out the school year.

Contact Cold Stone Catering today to book the ultimate ice cream experience or any of our other catered treat solutions!