4 Great Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in South Florida

4 Great Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in South Florida

86 the burnt toast and muddy coffee: these Mom’s Day ideas will win her heart!


She kissed boo-boos, taught everyone how to tie shoes, helped with homework, and took care of the whole family. And she did it all without expecting anything in return (because that’s just what moms do). So on Mother’s Day, it’s only fitting that you spoil that mom in your life with a special celebration—a day to pamper her and show your thanks for all she’s done. Choose any or all of these inspirational ideas to celebrate Mom in South Florida:

1. Give her a break!

For some moms, getting a break from cooking and cleaning is the best gift of all. If this sounds like the tired mother in your life, step up to the plate and don’t let her lift a finger on Mother’s Day. Take care of any laundry, cook dinner (or take her out!) and be sure to clean up all the dishes. If the dogs need walking, grab the leash and get moving—show mom that this is her day and she’s got nothing to do but relax.

2. Make it a beach day!

Well, we are in South Florida after all. So why not let mom have a moment in the sun! But remember, a beach day on Mom’s day means you lay out a giant beach towel, bring along cool drinks, her favorite book and then—you leave her alone! No sandcastle-building assistance or sun-blocking the kids, let her read, nap and sip. She’ll thank you!

3. Show her she’s the bomb—creatively!

With smartphones, it’s easy to create a Mother’s Day present that will keep on giving for years to come. Remember those popsicle stick picture frames and macaroni necklaces? Those were great and all, but imagine mom’s surprise when you present her with a homemade video featuring you and your siblings telling her why she’s so special. Think music, think silliness, think sentimental! She’ll love it and it will last much longer than flowers.

4. Be sweeter than ever.

Forget breakfast in bed (that gets messy anyway) and think sweet, creamy, delectable ice cream! Show mom how much you appreciate her by throwing her an ice cream party featuring our one-of-a-kind Cold Stone creations. You can pick up one of our tantalizing ice cream cakes or a bunch of cupcakes so you can all share in the delicious fun. Even better—invite grandma, aunts, and cousins and make it the ultimate mom’s day ice cream party! We’ll bring our portable Cold Stone and make unforgettable ice cream creations for all!

Moms … they’re the unsung heroes of our lives. And you can make mom’s one day a year special with these tips. Remember, every day becomes a holiday when you add ice cream, so order Cold Stone cakes, cupcakes, or an Ultimate Ice Cream Party today!