5 Must Haves for This Year’s Super Bowl

5 Must Haves for This Year’s Super Bowl on coldstonesouthflorida.com

Score big with these favorites!


Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and if you’re like many people, you’ll be gathering with friends and family to enjoy the big game. Planning a Super Bowl party is easy and fun—and the best part is that you don’t have to supply any entertainment! But there’s still planning to be done to ensure that you have all the elements necessary to accommodate all of your guests. After you make sure your TV (and cable services) is in tip top shape, that you have enough seating and you’ve put up some decorations, be sure you include these top must haves for your Super Bowl party:

1. “Game day” food

The words Super Bowl are almost synonymous with chicken wings and other foods that people just expect when attending this game day event. When planning out your menu, be sure to include some of these staple items like pigs-in-a-blanket, deli sandwiches, chili, corn-dogs, pizza or whatever your favorite dishes are. Don’t forget appetizers like chips and dips, nachos, nuts, cheeses, guacamole and fresh fruit.

2. Remember the veggies

These days, lots of people are leaning towards vegetarian lifestyles and moving away from meatier eating. Keep that in mind with you’re planning your Super Bowl party menu. Stock up on fresh cut veggies with ranch or blue cheese dressing, and consider making some of your entrees with veggies instead of meat—like vegetarian pizza and chili, veggie tacos, salads and others. You’re veg-head friends will thank you!

3. Brews

What’s a Super Bowl party without beer? The two go hand-in-hand! Whether you rent a keg and serve up cold drafts of your favorite brews or you pack a cooler full of a variety of beers, be sure to have plenty on hand. Mix it up with some craft beers and be sure to get enough ice to keep them cold throughout the day (or that there’s enough room in your fridge to keep everyone’s drinks cold.)

4. Vino

Not all your guests drink beer so it’s a good idea to have wine on hand as well. Both red and white are appropriate for the big game and having both ensures that everyone gets to drink what they like best. Be sure to chill the white wine or keep it in the cooler with the beer.

5. Sweets

No party is complete without dessert! And your Super Bowl party is no exception. You can make yours epic with our Ultimate Ice-cream Experience! We’ll come out, bring our portable stone, mouthwatering flavors and our famous mix-ins and treat your guests to the one-of-a-kind Cold Stone experience.

If Super Bowl parties are a tradition among your friends and family and you’re hosting one this year, make it great by serving great food, cool drinks and tantalizing treats. In addition to all the basics like plates, cups, silverware and ice, be sure you plan out your menu to include those items that will please all your guests. To find out about our catering options, get in touch with us today!