5 Reasons we LOVE Cupcakes – STILL!

We love Cupcakes because they’re single serve, and we don’t have to share. I know “sharing is caring” but when it comes to dessert...

Reasons we Love Cupcakes - Cold Stone Creamery South Florida

These are 5 reasons why you should love cupcakes too:

  1. Cupcakes can satisfy any taste profile. The combinations of cake, frosting and toppings are INFINITE and encourage creative expression. If you don’t believe me check out Instagram!
  2. Cupcakes can be sophisticated or whimsical and are great for any age and any occasion. They are the perfect fit for children birthday parties, bar and bat Mitzvahs, quinces, sweet sixteens, graduations, etc.
  3. Cupcakes are great for a group activity. Think rainy day and energetic kids!! What better way to harness that energy than by spending quality time creating something really yummy.
  4. Cupcakes are a cost effective dessert option. For example, envision a tiered platter of colorful, delicious cupcakes instead of a very expensive wedding cake. Your guests will have another great reason to remember your special day.
  5. Cupcakes are available at Cold Stone Creamery envision a Belgian Chocolate Shell layered with moist chocolate cake, fudge, Cold Stone Sweet Cream ice cream, frosting and a garnish. Better still, taste a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cupcake. They’re made fresh daily in our stores and they’re great for corporate and social events.

The bottom line is that when you pair ice cream and cupcakes together, happiness is created.  Don't take our word for it.  Stop by one of our five locations today and try them for yourself.  You'll be the life of any event when you come with Cold Stone Cupcakes.  We promise. Only problem is there are never any leftovers.