5 Scrumptious Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

5 Scrumptious Alternatives to Wedding Cakes on coldstonesouthflorida.com

How do you turn the traditional wedding cake upside-down and still keep it tasty?


No matter how you decorate it, a cake is a cake. If you’ve always dreamed of a conventional wedding, take that cake and own it.

But let’s say you’re yearning to break free of tradition. Ditching the wedding cake is a great way to start. You’ve already got a bazillion decisions to make, so this is no time to get bogged down by too many options. Here are just five alternatives to wedding cakes that guarantee a unique remembrance of your special day.

What’s Hot Right Now?

Experts agree that the current trend is there’s no trend at all. Instead, it’s all about making a personal statement that creates a lasting memory. What do they mean by this?

Dessert tables are the popular option for weddings. As hosts, you want to please your guests with choices. The warm weather months are most popular for weddings. It makes sense to look for cold or frozen concoctions to take the place of a traditional wedding cake.

Fresh Fruit Salad Bars

We’re moving away from sugar. The average 22 teaspoons a day most Americans consume is way too much. Help your guests with their quest to cut down with some natural sweetness.

A sumptuous display of fruits ranging from favorites like strawberries to exotic kiwi is an unexpected surprise. It’s a perfect wedding cake alternative.

Blow up the “wow” factor and serve the fruit in champagne glasses. Offer some of the fruit as frozen bites that can be added to a glass of champagne. Selections of frozen yogurt add an interesting layer of taste complexity. And you can always include traditional frozen ice creams for those who want to satisfy their 22 teaspoon sugar cravings.

Milkshakes and Smoothies

Who says you have to eat your wedding cake alternative? It’s a day of celebration, and time to let go. What’s more fun than friends and family slurping on a shake?

Turn the moment into some nostalgic entertainment. Set up a milkshake bar reminiscent of the soda fountain in a drugstore. This theme also gives you the option to include good old fashioned root beer floats.

Guests can make the shakes and floats themselves from a selection of ice cream flavors and ingredients or you can have your caterer provide a staff to help out.

Include healthy options for those who’d prefer to have a smoothie instead of a milkshake.


Imagine a tower of these frozen treats wheeled out to guests at the appropriate moment. It’s unexpected and sure to entertain. Again, the idea offers the courtesy of choice for guests.

You can create the shape of the popsicle tower to match just about any theme, and the flavors you offer should match.

Speaking of flavors, you can run the gamut from old standbys and add sophisticated combinations of flavors and spices. No one will forget that the first time they had a lime popsicle with basil was at your wedding!

Guests will be dressed in their finest. Serve the popsicles upside-down in a champagne glass. Give them the option to add the bubbly beverage for an even more delicious treat.

Ice Box Cake

This gets the royal seal of approval. Prince William served the British version of an ice box cake at his wedding.

You can have fun with this idea. It’s usually made with whipped cream and chocolate wafers. But you’re already flaunting tradition by saying cheerio to the wedding cake. Embrace it by coming up with your own delicious combination of cookies and cream.

The original ice box cake was refrigerated. There’s no reason you can’t push this one a step further by transforming it into a frozen delicacy. Rich ice creams in place of the whipped cream make for a delightful improvement.

Frozen Truffle Tower

Are they decadent bite-size pieces of chocolate or are they marvelous and rich morsels of ice cream enveloped in chocolate? They’re both!

Imagine your moment of cutting the slice of a wedding cake transformed into something far more visual and memorable. A tower of frozen truffles fits the occasion.

Talk about a break from tradition. You won’t be cutting the cake. You’ll snatch two truffles from the tower and pop them into each others mouths. Your guests can join in on the action, too. They’ll step forward to help themselves with a truffle or three from the tower.

Thinking Outside the Cake Box

It helps to think past a single creation. Consider individual servings. It gives you the ability to come up with interesting twists such as:

  • • Ice cream cone cakes
  • • Cupcakes
  • • Towers of eclairs
  • • A pie station
  • • Shot glasses filled with sweet surprises
  • • A fondue fountain
  • • An assortment of pieces (served with ice cream, of course!)

Think, also, about the opportunities your alternative choice allows for guest interaction. You want people up and mingling. Especially if they can’t dance to that alternative music you play.