5 South Florida Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day or Anytime

Date Night Ideas by Cold Stone

Valentine’s Day is either a holiday that you love or hate.  Some of us may resent the fact that this “Hallmark imposed”holiday creates so many expectations and pressures in our love life.  Yet on the other hand, who doesn’t love to be showered with chocolates and roses for a day and get inspired to get a little romance going?

5 South Florida Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day or anytime

Rather than be a V-Day hater, why not take a cue from Cupid and jazz up your dating life?  If you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, you may not think this applies to you but YOU are exactly who we are talking to.  Whether you are in a new relationship or about to celebrate your 50th anniversary, “dating” can still be exciting and fun.

We’ve made it easy for you with these 5 Creative South Florida Date Night Ideas you can try any time.

  1. Take in an outdoor concert.  We live in South Florida for a reason.  Take advantage of Coconut Creek with its band shell that offers free concerts where you can bring your lawn chairs, blankets and coolers and snuggle up for some tunes.   And on your way home, stop by our Coconut Creek Cold Stone Creamery and share the freshest, most indulgent frozen treats.
  1. Get artsy in Coral Springs.  Did you know Coral Springs has one of the best local theaters in South Florida?  Great performances in an intimate setting make this the perfect experience to share with your crush.  The best part about seeing a great show is talking about it afterwards and we’ve got just the place for you to do it.  Sorry for the selfless plugs but we happen to have a Cold Stone Creamery in Coral Springs that we invite you to visit. 
  1. Take a walk on the Pompano Beach Pier.  Maybe throw a couple lines out and catch some fish or just take a leisurely stroll and enjoy a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean with your “cupcake”.  Did someone say cupcake?  All that salt air will surely get you in the mood for one of our delicious ice cream cupcakes in a decadent Belgian Chocolate shell, layered with cake, ice cream and then frosted and garnished.  Cruise by our Pompano Beach Cold Stone Creamery and grab some for the ride home.
  1. Bowling in Davie.  When’s the last time you went bowling with your babe?  Yes we said bowling.  Nothing will get you hotter than seeing your darling sporting fashionable bowling shoes and hurling a ball down the lane.  Too hot?  No worries, visit our Plantation Cold Stone Creamery and cool down with a creamy shake.  Two straws please!
  1. Experience Main Street in Miami Lakes  This hidden gem is perfect for a day date that runs into evening -  shop, catch a movie or play, and dine.  We suggest taking in romantic movie and then cooling down with 50 shades of Cold Stone.  And yes we know our blatant self promotion isn’t funny.  Please forgive us.

In all seriousness though, we hope these ideas give you some inspiration to plan your next date, or next 5, with your special someone.  Whether you want to rekindle the romance, improve communication or just have some fun, there’s always a reason for date night.  Enjoy.