5 Tips for a Great Event

Key Tips for a Great Event and How to Implement Them

Anyone who has ever planned an event knows that it can be stressful and difficult to pull off a great one. Last minute emergencies happen, things go wrong and it can be tough to keep your cool. With so many things that go into planning an event, it’s important to know what to spend the most time on so that your event is a hit. That’s where we come in.

5 Tips for a Great Event Cold Stone

Here are 5 tips for a great event:

  1. Venue: When it comes to events, your venue should reflect the event and the personality of the person or company holding it. Take the time to sit down and really think about what type of event you’re going to be having. How many guests are coming and what types of guests are there? If you’re holding an event for kids, you want to make sure the space is safe and if you’re holding an event for a senior citizen crowd, you’re not going to want to hold the event at a location which required that guests walk up multiple flights of stairs. Think about the lighting and how dark the venue can be and what you will need during the event. Conferences are likely going to be held at different venues than parties will and you want to make sure that the venue staff is going to be a good fit for your guests.
  2. Music: Music is so important to a great event because it’s one of the things that really stands out- guests probably won’t leave raving about the piece of steak they had but they will talk about the music and atmosphere. Whether you’re hiring a DJ or making a playlist ahead of time, try to choose music that isn't too “controversial” and that will be enjoyed by a wide audience. It can be difficult to choose good tunes because everyone has such different taste but try to mix it up and choose a reputable DJ if you decide to go that route because they have experience in using music to bring an event to the next level.
  3. Photographer: Photographers are key to keeping the memories of a great event alive. You want to be able to look back at the party as soon as you get the photos and/or videos, and then you’ll want to look back the next year (when planning your next party) and so on. Speak with the photographer about the types of photos you want and ask them for what they think- after all, this is their profession and a good photographer will know how best to approach the event.
  4. Food: When people show up at your event, they're going to be hungry. Whether it is a full sit down meal or just some appetizers and tapas for people to pick out, you want to make sure you put some thought into the menu. Try to get creative while still keeping it simple and match it to the theme of the party. Do your research and try out food from the caterer before you hire them. Presentation is a huge part of the food at any event so make sure you know ahead of time how the food will be plated and presented.
  5. Uniqueness: The best way to make sure your party is really memorable is to make it unique. Do something that is unexpected and will make people say wow. Hire Cold Stone to cater your event with delicious dessert options or invest in something fun like a photo booth.

If you follow these tips for a great event you’ll know what is most important to focus on so that your event is a hit. Remember not to panic if something goes wrong because it tends to happen a lot. The more prepared you are beforehand the better, but you can’t always control everything. Click here to learn more about tips for a great event and find out how Cold Stone can help!