5 Treats You Have to Try in South Florida

5 Treats You Have to Try in South Florida on coldstonesouthflorida.com

These local favorites will whet your appetite


Miami. One of the hottest (and yet coolest) cultural melting pots the United States has to offer. Between the warm year-round weather, tropical plants and scenery, and booming music and arts scene, Miami is well known for many things, ethnic cuisine included. Here are a few of our favorite treats you have to try if you’re visiting South Florida for the first time, the hundredth time, or if you’re lucky enough to call it home:

1. Ceviche

Are you a fan of sushi and sashimi, but looking for a new take on raw seafood? A tropical Latin American staple found all across beach eateries and other places in South Florida, ceviche is something you need to try. Fresh seafood is marinated in citrus, often lime, and served raw (though the acid in the fruit cooks it a bit) in a bowl with any mix of flavors, like rice and peppers. It’s light, fresh, and perfect for any and all seafood lovers.

 2. Great donuts

Once upon a time, you couldn’t find a truly gourmet donut south of West Palm. But, thanks to the Salty Donut, times are a-changing. Quickly becoming a Miami favorite of locals and tourists alike, the Salty Donut designs flavor masterpieces of unique trendy recipes, making for a fried dough experience you won’t soon forget.

3. Cubano or Media Noche

Did you know it’s believed that the Cuban (Cubano) and Media Noche sandwiches were actually invented in Florida rather than in Cuba, itself? Both sandwiches are inspired by the flavors of Cuba, though: these roasted pork, pickle, Swiss, mustard, panini-style subs on pressed and toasted Cuban or sweet bread are a must-have when you’re in the South Florida area. And the simple, mild flavors mean it’s a great choice for all ages (you might have to nix the mustard for some little ones, but that shouldn’t be too difficult).

4. Key lime pie

Because the Florida Keys are just a few miles south (and because, yes, key limes do honestly grow there), key lime pie has become a cult favorite to Florida tourists and locals alike. This sweet and tart treat is a must-have for anyone living or visiting the area. It just comes with the territory.

5. Ice cream

Culinary masterpieces come in all shapes and sizes — but the best food is both an item you’ll crave and something that goes great with your surroundings. And when it comes to South Florida, ice cream fits the bill. It’s sweet, creamy, and cold — the perfect accompaniment to a hot and humid Florida day. This classic treat makes for a great stop during the day, and it’s a great selection for parties and events. Find out more about Cold Stone’s catering abilities and offerings by contacting us here today!