5 Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day at the Office

5 Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day at the Office on koldstonesouthflorida.com

The best day of the year? We think so.


July 17th is a glorious moment, in our book. It’s National Ice Cream Day. One of our favorite holidays (you never would’ve guessed, right?).

And with good reason! It gives sweets lovers all across the country a perfectly good excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast (and lunch — and dinner, too). But when you’re not squaring off your day with a well-balanced meal of ice cream sundaes, you might want to see if you can pull off a few of these fun ideas in the office:

1. Ice cream eating contest

It might seem a little risky, but why not challenge your coworkers or employees to an ice cream eating contest? You may run the risk of losing to that one guy who always seems to make a good impression on everyone he comes across — or even worse, the possibility of brain freeze — but it’s going to be worth it to see who really takes the crown.

2. Build your own sundae bar snack break

There’s nothing like a relaxing break in the middle of the workday to get your mind off the stresses of impending deadlines. So why not treat the office to a sweet respite the Monday after National Ice Cream Day? Get a few gallons of your favorite flavors and toppings at your local Cold Stone and let the fun begin! Taking breaks together won’t just help with relaxation, it’ll also be a team-building moment, serving to improve communication between office workers. And besides, you’ll get to know everyone so much better once you know their go-to toppings and favorite ice cream flavor.

3. Ice cream-infused cocktail happy hour

Save this one for after hours: bring in a few classic ice cream flavors for adult shakes, floats, and other tasty treats. Hire a professional bartender or grab a volunteer from the office to make mudslides, chocolate Kahlúa milkshakes, and strawberry ice cream mojito smoothies. Whatever your flavor, your office workers will love the creativity involved. And don’t be shy – an optional post-work happy hour could be the perfect ice breaker for a chilly office environment.

4. Lunchtime ice cream trivia

Some people thrive on trivia games. During lunch hour, pass out a trivia game, quizzing the office about some aspects of ice cream they may not have ever thought about before. And don’t forget the prize: winner gets a Cold Stone gift card, so they can really celebrate National Ice Cream Day in style.

5. Bring home a gallon

So maybe your office isn’t the best place to indulge in a sweet treat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your team. Have your employees’ favorite flavors catered and pack them up in individual containers so they can bring them home and enjoy the holiday with their friends or family.

Need more sweet ideas?

Cold Stone Catering of South Florida is full of them! Whether you want dessert catered in-office or you’re going to have an office-wide picnic in the backyard, we’ve got you covered with tasty treats. Contact us today with any questions about our catering services or to place an order.