5 Ways to Celebrate Going Back to School

Celebrate Going Back to School

How to Help your Child Get Excited for the New School Year

It’s almost time for your kids to go back to school. They might not be looking forward to giving up the freedom of summer, but they are probably looking forward to seeing their friends and the excitement that a new year brings. Here are some great ways to help celebrate the beginning of a new school year and help your kids get excited!

1. Have a First Day of School Photo Shoot

Most people snap a few photos of their kids before sending them off on their first day of school, but why not amp up the fun? Plan an after-school photo shoot for your kids and their friends on the first day of school. Set up an area for them to pose, hang up a sheet as a backdrop and provide some props for them to try on and get silly with. If you make the photo shoot after school, it gives your kids enough time to really enjoy the experience and have fun with their friends, instead of rushing a few shots before school (of course, do this too!). Make this celebratory photo shoot a tradition for your family!

2. Learn New Things

What better way to get your kid excited about going back to school than by taking a trip to learn something fun and new? Find a local art or science museum that your kid would love, or learn a new creative skill together, like painting or pottery. If you want something active, take surfing lessons together or build a treehouse in your backyard. Learning new skills or ideas will help your child get back into the habit of focusing and will get them excited about the things they can accomplish when they learn new things.

3. Have an Afternoon of Rule-Breaking

We know there are things we can’t do in school: chew gum, run through the halls, scream at the top of our lungs, make paper airplanes out of assignments and sail them through the classroom. With your child, make a list of rules they will have to follow in the classroom. Then set up an area of chairs (and tables, if you can) in your house and invite some of your kid’s friends over. Provide everything they need to break all the school rules you listed. Kids love breaking rules and they’ll have a great time doing things they “aren’t allowed to,” which will help get all these things out of their system for when they really are in the classroom.

4. Bury a Time Capsule

Grab a shoebox or Tupperware and, with your child, fill it with things they love now. If they’re interested in dinosaurs, get a little dinosaur toy to put inside, or help them print out a picture of their favorite dinosaur. Include a journal entry or video where they explain what they’re excited about this year, what they’re nervous about, what they hope to accomplish, what friends they can’t wait to see again. Bury it in the backyard (or if you don’t have one, you can ‘bury’ it under things in your home). You can make this a tradition, and each year, dig up the capsule from the year before, go through it together, and see how much your child has changed.

5. Throw a Back-to-School Bash

Before school starts, plan a back-to-school bash for your child and their friends. Send out invitations that look like report cards, serve lunch-box foods and decorate your home in their school colors. You can play back-to-school themed games or let the kids socialize in their own way if they haven’t seen each other all summer. And for a special treat, have Cold Stone Creamery cater the party. We will bring our special frozen granite stone so that we can make the perfect mix-in treat for each of your guests right there!

The start of a new school year can be a stressful time for parents and their kids. Help your children prepare for the year and get excited for the possibilities it holds by doing these fun, family-friendly activities. And for a spontaneous special treat, stop in at Cold Stone Creamery for delicious, fresh ice cream. To have Coldstone Creamery cater your party, contact us today.