7 Design Tips for Your Baby Shower

Whether blue or pink here are tips on designing the perfect baby shower.

7 Design Tips for Your Baby Shower South FloridaIt is almost time, you are so excited to bring home your newborn baby, but before he or she arrives you need to celebrate! Whether you are the mom or best friend of the mommy to be, you want to host the most memorable party that they will cherish for years to come. Here are 7 design tips for your baby shower.

1. Invitations
With every occasion no matter the celebration, the invitation is the first impression. With your baby shower invite it should be no different, your theme should reflect how you will decorate the nursery, whether it is a ballerina or a nautical theme. This will influence the type of presents your guests will bring for your new bundle of joy!

2. Table Decorations
Solid pinks or blues, too standard of baby shower colors for you? Don’t worry we have some out of the ordinary, baby tablescapes that will be sure to wow your guests and the mommy to be.

Boy: Avoiding the ever so common baby blue, a great color scheme for a boy’s baby shower is gray, navy and yellow. A full length deep navy and white striped linen will be accented with alternating soft yellow or gray napkins. Silver chargers will feature paper bow tie place cards, to add texture to the table each bow tie will have a different pattern, from stripes to polka dots. Distressed mason jars will run down the table accented with clusters of yellow billy balls, blue hydrangeas and baby’s breath.

Girl: Nothing is more feminine then gold glitter with accents of mint and peach. Decorate the table where everyone will gather to eat with a mint green chevron runner accented with peach napkins. Place within the napkin fold the first game (will get to later). Gold chargers will be at each place setting with custom name tags with beautiful calligraphy spelling each guests name. To complete the look the centerpieces will consist of dusty miller leaves, peach garden roses and a touch of Queen Anne’s lace in vintage glittered gold jars. To dress up where the mom to be will be seated create delicate strands of garland that will also serve as a great photo spot!

3. Beverages
To add another decorative touch to the room, but also a refreshing drink incorporate themed beverages. Start by purchasing large drink dispensers, also purchase small mason jars. Complete the “preggatini” by purchasing colored paper straws, they range from gold to red and come in all different patterns. For an easy to make blue beverage blend Sprite and frozen blue Hawaiian Punch. If your mommy to be is expecting a girl, something simple such as pink lemonade will be sure to please every guest.

4. Favors
Shower favors that every guest will love is chapstick! They come in just about every color from navy to pink. Complete the gift by creating customized tags for each guests, this will surely be something that can be used daily and it is affordable!

5. Sign in Book
As your bundle of joy grows up you want to have something to reflect on one of the most memorable events of your life. Start by creating an out of the ordinary way to have your guests leave a message for your child to read as they grow older. One idea is to purchase a children’s book that reflects the baby shower theme, as each guest enters have them leave a message on each page. Another great idea is to order a onesie with the baby’s name on it. Have each guests sign in as they enter then place it in a frame and hang it in the nursery. These sign in “books” will be a treasured memento that will bring a smile to your face every time you glance at it.

6. Baby Shower Games
What is a baby shower without fun games? During lunch (or brunch) start the party off right by placing games at each place setting. There are plenty of free printable baby shower games online such as “Celebrity Baby Name Game” to “Baby Shower Price is Right.” For a more traditional game with a twist see who can change a diaper on a baby doll the fastest, blindfolded!

7. Dessert
Last, but certainly not least is dessert. At Cold Stone Creamery we create customized sweet treats for all of your guests to enjoy for any occasion. There are plenty of options for a baby shower whether you are having a baby boy or girl! We can create a delectable cake that when you cut into you will be surprised with either our fresh strawberry or our refreshing mint ice cream to reflect a girl or a boy.

Sensational Sundae bars are a fun option for all of your guests to enjoy with ice cream flavors including raspberry sorbet, cotton candy, red velvet cake and pistachio we can match your color palate with ease. Colorful themed toppings will be the “icing on the ice cream cake” and themed cups will complete the baby shower bash!

With these helpful tips you are sure to create a memorable and elegant baby shower! For more information on how to create the perfect baby shower with delicious treats click here.