7 Simple Ways to Show Your Employees How Much You Appreciate Them

7 Simple Ways to Show Your Employees How Much You Appreciate Them on coldstonesouthflorida.com

You don’t have to wait for a specific day of the year to celebrate and empower an awesome team


As an employer and entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of your job and lose sight of how amazing and brilliant your employees are. But employees are what make up a company—they design the vision for the future of the company and create the strategy for how the company will grow. Because of the immense importance of employees, it’s important to recognize them every once in a while and show your appreciation for all they have done and are doing.

  1. Take them on a trip

Remember in elementary school how field trips days were your favorite memories? This doesn’t change when we’re older. Taking your employees on a trip, whether it’s to visit a client or on a work retreat, is a great way for them to form stronger relationships with each other and your company. Employees will value the effort you put forth to organize the day for them while making it a fun and enjoyable experience.

  2. Create a Wall of Fame

Designate a wall in your office, and make it one that’s noticeable, to celebrate a different employee each month. This can resemble an employee of the month, but with a spin on it. Allow the employee of the month to decorate the wall with banners, college team logos, and pictures of his or her choosing. Defining a space that allows each employee to display his or her own individual personalities shows how much you respect each employee’s uniqueness.

  3. Make Friday Movie Time

Friday afternoons are always the most relaxing time of the week – the workday is starting to calm down and everyone is getting excited for their weekend plans (hopefully!). Why not include all of your employees in some of those beginning weekend plans? Label Friday afternoons as movie time at around 4 or 5 pm when the workday is ending. Invite your employees to come together and hang out to celebrate another successful workweek. You can also ask a different employee to pick the movie each week!

  4. Simply say “thanks”

Just saying “thank you” to an employee can brighten up their day and make them feel more important to the future success of your company. If you run-in to an employee in the kitchen, reach out and congratulate them on their recent success with gaining a new client. Or maybe you can post a sticky note on an employee’s desk saying “thanks” and a reason why. An action as simple as this can have a huge impact your employees’ outlook or his or her position in the company.

  5. Design team jerseys

The relationships your employees have with each other are vital to the success of your company. Without cohesion and enjoyment in each other’s company, you’ll find it very difficult to motivate your employees at work. Remind your employees that they’re part of an exciting, dynamic and collaborative team by designing team jerseys. Make it an enthusiastic and fun reveal by creating an event to hand out the jerseys.

  6. Treat their loved ones

Many employees believe their boss only want to preoccupy themselves with their employee’s lives in the office. However, in order to form strong relationships with your employees, it’s important to show interest beyond this level. One way of doing this is by treating their loved ones. This could be taking their families out to dinner or sending over flowers when it’s a child’s birthday. Making the extra effort to show interest in your employees’ lives outside of the workplace will make them feel like they truly belong at your company.

  7. Throw a party

There’s always something to celebrate around the office, whether it’s someone’s birthday, a huge business success or for simply getting over Hump Day. Providing a break from the workday to eat some cake or chat with fellow employees is always a great way to make the office a more enjoyable place to work and strengthen the bond between each member of your team.

Showing appreciation for your employees will be a fun and innovative way to bond with your team and create stronger relationships for a more productive and enjoyable workplace. Catering Cold Stone for a party, birthday celebration or Friday movie snack is a delicious and unconventional way to show your employees how much they’re valued. You’ll find we have plenty of catering packages to choose from, so contact us today to get the scoop!