Birthday Cake Alternatives You’d Be Crazy Not to Try

Birthday Cake Alternatives You’d Be Crazy Not to Try on

Because birthdays are a big deal around here.

Birthdays are a pretty special occasion in our book — after all, they only come once a year. So if it’s so special, why just celebrate with the same old birthday cake recipe you’ve been using for the past ten years? We have a few birthday cake alternative ideas for you that will wow those around you and really make that birthday magic happen. Here are some tasty treats you can try this year:

1. Doughnuts

Sweet dough, creamy icing, and sprinkles, all without the boring cake! Doughnuts put an unexpected twist on the classic birthday cake that you’ve grown to know and love. Pile them into a stack and stick a few candles in. Just like a cake but even better!

2. Ice cream cake

Remember the days when you were little and you attended a birthday party only to peek into the freezer and find the best treat of all? Yes, we’re talking about the perfect ice cream cake. After all, why settle for an ordinary cake when you can surprise your guests with the sweet, cold, and creamy ice cream cake that everyone loves?

And with so many to choose from, you can find the perfect ice cream cake for your next birthday celebration with ease thanks to Cold Stone.

3. Pie

Having a more mature audience at your birthday party and hoping to avoid a cake sugar fest? An American classic, pie, is always a good choice. Choose a few of your favorite pie flavors for your next party to really stand out from the pack. Go with a tart granny smith apple pie, a sweet pumpkin pie, or a traditional cherry cobbler. Many of your guests will be both surprised and delighted to find a fresh and fruity treat!

4. Whoopie pies

Speaking of pies, we have a pie idea that’ll make you scream, “whoopie!” Whoopie pies are made from two big, soft, cake-textured cookies with icing smothered between them. They will give the kids the cake flavor and texture they might be expecting with an added benefit. They’re easy to eat and portable! No longer do the kids have to sit at the table. Now they can have their cake on the go — and eat it, too!

5. Ice cream bar

No, we’re not talking about chocolate-coated ice cream on a stick. We’re talking about a bar offering various toppings and ice cream flavors! An ice cream bar is a fun and exciting way for kids and adults alike to have fun at your next birthday party.

First, choose a selection of your favorite flavors. You always want to have the classics, like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Then, pick a few of the other favorites like cookies and cream, rocky road, banana, or even cake batter!

Next, you need to choose the rest of the sundaes’ components. A popular idea is to freshly bake chocolatey, fudgy brownies so your guests can make their own brownie sundaes.

Toppings are another important element to the party. Choose a few cookies, candies, and other tasty toppings to tickle your guests’ sweet tooth. A few of our favorites are gummy bears, almonds, Oreos, and sprinkles but you know the birthday boy or girl better than anyone else. Be sure to pick a few of his or her favorites along with a few crowd pleasers to keep your ice cream bar a huge success.

When you’re choosing your ice cream caterer, we hope you’ll consider Cold Stone of South Florida for the ultimate ice cream experience. We’re the ice cream experts and we’re ready to bring your birthday or other celebration to the next level with tasty treats. To get started, contact us today!