Ack! You’ve Just Been Told You’re Responsible for the Company Party. Now What Do You Do?

Because the office that plays together stays together! So, you work in an office. And the office is your life. We totally get it. You spend most of your waking hours in the office with your coworkers. The last thing you want to do is disappoint them! So, when you’re told you’re in charge of […]

The Pleasure principle: Why the Idea of Ice Cream Melts Our Resistance to Being Social and Having Fun

Because we all scream for ice cream — all together, now! There are two types of people in this world: introverts and extroverts. And that obviously means there are going to be two very different approaches to being social and building relationships. Think about it. While some people have no problem mingling with others and […]

Party Protection: Keep the Focus on the Fun by Making Sure Your Event Caterer Has These 4 Things Covered

Because a well-planned party is a well-enjoyed party. It’s finally here: the big day of your event. And, as any party planner would, you’re hoping to have a successful event that goes off without a hitch. That can’t be too much to ask, right? We feel you on this one. But have you ever stop […]

4 Smartphone Apps to Help You Plan the Party Supplies You’ll Need

Because it’s 2017 — and, yes, it’s true. Your smartphone can do just about anything. We all love our smartphones. In fact, it can be hard to recall what we were doing before smartphones came out. But, luckily, we don’t need to remember what it was like, since our devices are always right by our […]

3 Must-Have Elements for Success in the Corporate World

Because running a successful corporation is not always easy. What do we want? A successful corporate culture. When do we want it? Now! Of course we do. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Having a successful corporate culture isn’t as easy as you’d think. Everyone thinks that it’s simple: you’re the boss, and everyone listens to […]

3 Ways to Find Common Ground When Opinions Bring Work Projects to a Halt

Because nothing and no one can stop a team that learns to work together and compromise. We’re not going to sit here and pretend like working in an office is easy. Because it’s not. Think about it. You’ve got a group of professionals with a wide range of skill sets, goals, and roles. And that […]

3 Adult Birthday Party Food Ideas that Your HR Department Will Approve

Because pepperoni pizza and confetti sprinkle cake is so 20 years ago. Once upon a time, you were born. And what a glorious day it was. So glorious, in fact, that you and your loved ones vowed to remember and celebrate this day forever. As it should be. And upon deciding that you’d celebrate your […]

Happy Birthday to Me: 4 Reasons it’s OK to Throw Yourself a Birthday Party

Because there’s nothing better than a custom birthday bash! Let’s be honest: the days of mom and dad planning your birthday party are long gone. There was a time in your life when you allowed others to plan your birthday for you. Whether you were a child, you shared a birthday with a close friend, […]

Hiring Freeze: A Tasty Way to Reinterpret Teambuilding

 Think a new hire will fire up your team? Think again. Turns out a hiring freeze could have the same effect! Employee turnover can be a real problem in many employer’s lives, so don’t feel bad if it’s affecting your workplace. It’s not unusual to have a percentage of turnover rates haunting your team, making […]

Everything as Planned: The 4 Keys to Pulling off a Successful Event

Behind every great event is great planning. Let us be the first to tell you — event planning is not easy. It takes work. Whether it be a fundraiser, a birthday party, a corporate event, or even a wedding, extensive planning will help ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. 1. Know your […]