All Work and No Play: Easy Ways to Invite Fun into the Office

The office that plays together stays together! We all covet the idea of a healthy work-life balance. And we all have certain expectations that we hope our employers will meet when it comes to them. But, as a manager or business owner, it’s unrealistic to believe that you can give everyone the work-life balance they’re […]

What do Your Employees Really Want? Hint: It’s Not a Pay Raise

Money isn’t the only thing that talks. Let’s be real with ourselves: if it weren’t for money, a lot of people wouldn’t work. Most people work because they need an income to survive — not necessarily because they’re passionate about what they do. This is why management always defaults to a pay raise to thank […]

National Employee Appreciation Day is March 3: Transform it from lip service to lip smacking!

Because there’s no better way to treat your workers today! Hey, bosses. Guess what? Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner — and you know what that means. It’s time to show your workers just what they mean to your business. That’s right, we’re talking to you, boss. We want you to take your […]

Making the Grade: Ways to Treat Your Children for Making Honor Roll

Honor roll rewards that will excite your child Your child makes the honor roll. You’re proud, excited, and want to keep the momentum going. How do you properly convey that to your child? You don’t want to give them the impression that they have to get good grades for you to show your appreciation, but […]

Fun Facts about Ice cream Around the World

What is the history of ice cream and how does it differ across the globe? Where did it come from, and why does it taste so good? The refreshing dessert was created centuries ago by mixing sweet cream and custard and cooling with ice. The first reference of ice cream in the Oxford English Dictionary […]

Fun St. Patty’s Office Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day ideas the whole office can enjoy Holidays are a great opportunity to bring some fun to the office, boost morale, and improve employee engagement. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. With its free-spirited nature, your office can get very creative with celebrating this beloved holiday. While green alcoholic beverages and pints of […]

Bye Bye Banana Split: Other Ice Cream Sundaes You Must Try

Sundae recipes for your next ice cream party A banana split is a staple treat in American society. It melts in your mouth the moment it hits your tongue with its creamy and flavorful goodness. In recent years, ice cream sundaes have taken on a whole new meaning. From loads of ice cream stacked together […]

Valentine’s Day Treats Your Loved Ones Really Want

Make this Valentine’s Day sweet. Valentine’s Day comes once per year and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Whether it’s a sweet for your sweetie or a treat to make a peace treaty, only the finest gifts will do this year. But don’t you think […]

Keeping Resolutions all Year Long: Lighter Dessert Options

Getting healthy might be easier than you originally thought! We’re well into 2017 and your resolutions are either going strong—or altogether nonexistent. We’ll admit it—sometimes we have trouble keeping our own New Year goals, but it doesn’t have to be that way. New, healthy habits pair perfectly with the beginning of a new year. It’s […]

Why You Should Bring Back Tea Time for Weddings, Holidays, and Events

Take your time at tea time with tasty treats and tantalizing tastes galore! Tea time is a really unique event for celebrations. It’s elegant, it’s fun, and it’s tasty. But have you ever thought about having tea time at your very own wedding or your next big celebration? If not, you might want to consider […]