3 Tasty Ideas for Awesome Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Because becoming an adult is big business in our family!   Ahh, the time to plan your child’s traditional bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is finally here. It’s a young person’s proclamation that they are entering manhood or womanhood. And a huge celebration to honor that fact. What’s not to love? But if you’re throwing […]

Take the Stress Out of Family Reunions with These Frozen Treats

Because the last thing you want at a family reunion is any added stress!   The best thing about planning your family reunion right now is that it’s the perfect time for one; especially here in south Florida. The weather is absolutely beautiful this time of year—not too hot, not too rainy, and just right. […]

Ice Cream Cupcakes: The Star of Your Next Weekend Outing

Set the tone to your events with this perfect, seasonal treat   Winter in Florida is prime picnic time if you ask us! After all, while the rest of the country is buried under the snow and slush, we’re sitting pretty in 75-degree weather, hitting the beach or a local park, and relishing in the […]

Galas, Openings, and Fundraisers: A Great Time for a Sweet Surprise

Impress your guests with an unforgettably sweet surprise   It’s time to get out that beautiful black ball gown or that sleek tuxedo, time to break out the jeweled heels or shine those shoes! That’s right—it’s finally that time of year when all of the biggest celebrations take place throughout the country (and, honestly, even […]

3 Sweet Catering Tips to Celebrate Promotions and Graduations

Because it’s better to go big than go home   Whether it’s a student’s next-semester or grade promotion, or a full-blown graduation, these are always a cause for celebration. After all, school isn’t easy—from schoolwork and homework to pop quizzes, it takes some serious work to stay afloat enough to be promoted to the next […]

No Baby Shower is Complete without Good Food (and These Sweet Treats!)

Because mama-to-be is bound to have a big appetite at her baby shower   Baby showers are a time of excitement and celebration—and they can feature any number of games, themes, and decorations. But the one thing that all baby showers have to have in common is that they need to have the most amazing […]

How to Make this New Year’s Eve Party the Sweetest Yet!

See what it takes to shine this New Year   New Year’s Eve is one of the most magical nights throughout the entire year. Excitement hangs in the air as the night lights up with sparklers, fireworks, and metallic-hued décor. People of all ages stay awake all hours of the night to welcome in the […]

Half-Birthdays and Half-Anniversaries: The Perfect Time for a Silly Cake Surprise

You’d be surprised by all the fun ways you can celebrate   Who doesn’t love a good excuse for a vibrant celebration? We know we do! And one of the most unexpected times to surprise your loved one with a gift or special treat is at their half birthday or at the halfway point to […]

Ice Cream: The Perfect Companion for Brunch (Mimosas are Great; Ice Cream is Better!)

Something sweet is sweeping through your Sunday!   We’re not going to lie, America loves brunch. It’s just one of those things we enjoy when we have a free Sunday or spare holiday. And who can blame us? What’s not to love? Brunch is the best of both worlds: breakfast and lunch; savory and sweet; […]

3 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Cream

We’ll all scream for ice cream after reading these shockingly sweet facts   Ice cream—you just can’t live without it (especially if you live in the U.S., where the most ice cream is consumed each year throughout the entire world). And, while some might not think of that as an accomplishment, others might argue that […]