Move Over Apple Pie: Other Great a la Mode Desserts

Try these ice cream companions for a different take on the classic pairing   There are a few things that just go together. Bonnie and Clyde. Peanut butter and jelly. Starsky and Hutch. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream. But while we love these combos just as much as the next person, we think it’s […]

Labor Day the Right Way: 4 Party Must-Haves

Close out the summer in style   Labor Day: one of the best times of the year to kick back, relax, and celebrate your hard work with family and friends. But if you’ve ever been to a last-minute Labor Day party, you might’ve noticed it was lacking some of the essentials needed for a truly […]

5 Treats You Have to Try in South Florida

These local favorites will whet your appetite   Miami. One of the hottest (and yet coolest) cultural melting pots the United States has to offer. Between the warm year-round weather, tropical plants and scenery, and booming music and arts scene, Miami is well known for many things, ethnic cuisine included. Here are a few of […]

A History of Milkshakes

Learn the backstory behind this amazing indulgence   A creamy treat loved by all, the milkshake plays a huge part in America’s snacking history. They are just one of those things that bring us back to being a kid, thinking of when we sipped a sweet milkshake on a sunny summer afternoon by the pool. […]

Making Ice Cream Sandwiches at Home — And Other Fun Recipes

Because how else do you expect to have the sweetest summer of your life?   There’s just something about the classic ice cream sandwich that brings us right back to our childhood — either running down to a convenience store or chasing down the ice cream truck for that special treat. But why find just […]

5 Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day at the Office

The best day of the year? We think so.   July 17th is a glorious moment, in our book. It’s National Ice Cream Day. One of our favorite holidays (you never would’ve guessed, right?). And with good reason! It gives sweets lovers all across the country a perfectly good excuse to eat ice cream for […]

3 Sweet Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Style

Because our independence is a pretty memorable thing if you ask us   Ahhh, the 4th of July. One of the biggest holidays in the country. You know: the day you get together with your friends and family for some of the best food, greatest fun, and most spectacular views all year. After all, who […]

The Sweetest Treats for Dad this Father’s Day

He deserves a little bit of pampering this year, even if he’ll never ask for it.   Can you believe Father’s Day is already here? It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating our wonderful moms — and now it’s time to give dad a little well-deserved attention, too. Here are some ideas to help […]

3 Fun Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees This Summer

It’s time to make work a little more satisfying.   Summer’s almost here. For many folks, this means lazy days spent by the pool and maybe even a vacation adventure. For employers, it can mean lower productivity. So how can you keep employees motivated throughout the summer? By showing your appreciation for the hard work […]

Ever Wonder Where Sundaes Got Their Name?

Because only the coolest know all about the history of this tasty treat!   The story of the ice cream sundae is, surprisingly, one of the biggest mysteries in ice cream history. There are countless, dubious stories of several different towns who’ve claimed to be the inventors of this sweet delight, but only one location […]