5 Ideas for an Unforgettable Bridal Shower

Here comes the best bridal shower ever!   Whether the bride’s your BFF, sister, daughter, cousin, or some other special friend, she is going to have an unforgettable shower—thanks to you. If you’ve volunteered (or been chosen) to host this important event, have no fear: with the right planning and these helpful tips, you’ll not […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Event

No one wants to walk away empty handed on their funding goals!   Let’s be honest: fundraising is nothing new to our society. Between car washes, bake sales, and lemonade stands, most people have participated in or supported a fundraiser at some point in time. And while it may be challenging to find creative ideas […]

4 Great Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in South Florida

86 the burnt toast and muddy coffee: these Mom’s Day ideas will win her heart!   She kissed boo-boos, taught everyone how to tie shoes, helped with homework, and took care of the whole family. And she did it all without expecting anything in return (because that’s just what moms do). So on Mother’s Day, […]

How to Grab Attention at Your Next Trade Show

Because the days of just showing up and hoping for the best are long gone. Ahhh, the classic trade show. Your time to shine. An opportunity to show who you are, what you do, and why it’s so special in your industry. We know what you’re thinking. How do you possibly stand out when everyone […]

Essential Tips for Planning a Family Reunion with Ease

Because family—not stress—should always comes first! Summer is on the way and that can only mean one thing: time for the annual family reunion! Planning a reunion can be a stressful time: you’re trying to gather the entire family together for a big event; you need to make sure everyone feels comfortable and at home; […]

Birthday Cake Alternatives You’d Be Crazy Not to Try

Because birthdays are a big deal around here. Birthdays are a pretty special occasion in our book — after all, they only come once a year. So if it’s so special, why just celebrate with the same old birthday cake recipe you’ve been using for the past ten years? We have a few birthday cake […]

3 Unique Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year

School’s out for summer — and the kids deserve a party or two! Before you know it, the end of school will be here — and whether you’re a teacher or parent, you can’t send those little cuties on summer break without congratulating them for a full year’s worth of hard work. What better way […]

4 Baby Shower Snack-Game Ideas That’ll Make You Go Totally Ga-Ga

Your sweet baby won’t be the only one going goo-goo for these ideas. Your baby shower is a really exciting time in your life. That’s why you want to make sure it meets your dreams! And thanks to the creativity of soon-to-be moms, there are tons of ideas to make your baby shower exactly how […]

The History of Ice Cream

Because perhaps your favorite treat is a little cooler than you realized. Believe it or not, the history of ice cream is a bit of a mystery. Although we’re lucky enough to enjoy everyone’s favorite confection today, there’s no absolute track record of where it really came from. While many claim to know when the […]

Here It Comes!

Summer just got a lot sweeter. Cool down with these three sweet treats.   Summer is quickly approaching and if you live in south Florida that means it’s about to get hot – really, really hot! Anyone who has ever spent a summer in Florida knows there is no better friend than AC and no […]