Why You Should Bring Back Tea Time for Weddings, Holidays, and Events

Why You Should Bring Back Tea Time for Weddings, Holidays, and Events on coldstonesouthflorida.com

Take your time at tea time with tasty treats and tantalizing tastes galore!

Tea time is a really unique event for celebrations. It’s elegant, it’s fun, and it’s tasty. But have you ever thought about having tea time at your very own wedding or your next big celebration? If not, you might want to consider it!

It’s creative

Tea time is a classy and unique way to enjoy time with your guests. Of course, in England and some other parts of the world, tea time is celebrated each afternoon, if not more frequently. And it’s a great addition to any event because it tends to be the last thing on our minds when most of us here in the United States plan an event. That means it’ll be pleasantly unexpected when incorporated in your event—making it a more memorable way to spend time with your guests than by just playing another game of corn hole or beer pong.

It’s healthy

Tea is known to boost health. Not only does it have less caffeine than coffee (with naturally decaffeinated versions available, as well), but it’s also packed full of antioxidants and other beneficial components for added health benefits. There are teas with herbal remedies, digestion aids, immunity properties, and more.

And you can always add healthier alternatives to the normal cream and sugar, if you’re really looking for a health boost. Milk, lemon, and honey, anyone?

It’s fun

When is the last time you can honestly say you had high tea with a friend? It’s something different, and it tends to make people feel extra “fancy” and high class. And when you feel fancy, it’s always extra fun! It’s a great reason to get dressed up, too—so wear your Sunday best if you plan to incorporate tea time at your event.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to great food.

It’s a tale as old as time: tea and treats. Whether it’s cucumber finger sandwiches, biscuits and jam, or any other finger foods, tea time is the right time to enjoy cuisine.

While most people opt for the traditional options, some are looking for a more unique spread of treats — especially when your tea time is taking place at a special event. Here are some fun substitutes for a flavor-packed afternoon:

• Sub out the sandwiches for sliders. If you’re planning to serve the bulk of your event’s food during tea time, then you might want to give a little more than a tiny triangle of cream cheese and cucumber. Instead, opt for flavorful savory sliders, like avocado turkey burgers or pulled BBQ chicken. They’re still small enough to be considered finger foods, but they will offer your guests a lot more.

• Goodbye boring biscuits — ice cream cupcakes, please! We get that biscuits with butter and jam is a classic favorite with tea time. It’s light, it’s sweet, and it pairs well with the savory elements on the plate. But if you’re throwing a big, memorable event, you want the dessert to have a little more sass than that! Sub out your dry, crumbly, messy, and boring biscuits for something creamy, sweet, and cool. Ice cream cupcakes and other ice cream novelties are just the right size to top off your tea time plate, and they’re a great way to round out a nice meal.

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