How to Make Timeshare Sales Presentations Better for Guests

5 easy-to-implement tips that can improve the mood and lead to more sales opportunities   You offer a generous reward (like a free room at a luxury resort or pricy theme park tickets) just for showing up and listening to a short presentation about your timeshare opportunities. But when you don’t get total rejection (most […]

Cold Stone Customer Creations: Unique Topping and Ice Cream Pairings

Because the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience tastes a little different to everyone When we serve up ice cream, we’re not just scooping it out of some frozen vat and handing it over to you. Goodness knows you could do the same thing at home. When we combine our tasty mix-ins with our made-fresh-daily ice cream, […]

5 Reasons Why Visiting Cold Stone Creamery Is “Worth It”

As if The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience isn’t enough, right? We’re not sure what kind of people need to be convinced to go out for ice cream (especially ours). But just in case that person is you or someone you know, we’re going to bring our A-game and see we can’t entice you to come […]

9 Smart (And Fun) Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

  You’ve paid your debt to Uncle Sam all year, so if you get a little cash back as a tax refund, be sure to make the most of it.  The average tax refund is expected to top $2800 in 2015.  That’s real money that can help give you a serious jump-start on securing your […]

6 Things your retail team can do to provide an exceptional customer experience

Train your retail team to provide an exceptional customer experience with these 6 tips.   When a customer enters your retail store, one of the first things they are exposed to is your retail team.  That is why it’s so important to make sure it’s a positive experience.  Here is a checklist of 6 things […]

Make your trade show booth THE Destination

6 Tips on how to drive traffic to your trade show booth Trade Shows are exciting and full of possibility but they also require a significant amount of time and expense to exhibit. So of course, you want to take every step possible to get crowds to your booth so you don’t end up one […]

8 ways to get Online Reviews for your business

Online reviews for your business from your consumers are an important part of your Business’ Online presence. Are you wondering what your customers think about your business? Well, other potential customers wonder the same. The good ole’ word-of-mouth referrals are confirmed nowadays with your business reviews on the third party review sites like Yelp, Google […]

Key Ways To Make Your Company A Great Place To Work

Make Your Company a Great Place to Work With These Tips! One of the keys to a successful company is having a team who enjoys what they do and knows how to do it well. If your company is comprised of people who come in miserable day after day, we’re going to bet that you’re […]

4 Tips for Throwing a Great Employee Appreciation Event

Throwing a Great Employee Appreciation Event to Express Your Gratitude Employees are the heart of every company and most companies host some sort of employee appreciation event during the year. Unfortunately they aren’t always memorable or even fun. If you’re taking the time to put together an employee appreciation event, you want to make it […]

Reasons to Throw a Company Party in Early 2015

4 Holidays and Observances That are Great Reasons to Throw a Company Party in Early 2015 Looking to throw a party for your company but not sure when the best time to do it is? Company parties happen most commonly around the winter holiday season, but throwing a party at this time of year can […]