Consider Offering Lactose-Free Options at the Next Office Party

Consider Offering Lactose-Free Options at the Next Office Party on

Only the best sorbet and sweet selections for the coolest offices

We get it, your office rocks.

Your employees are full of budding ideas, they’re always on the ball, and they’re performing at rates that once seemed impossible. They’re usually on time and know how to get a project moving.

It’s like music to an executive’s ears.

And like any office with a promising culture, you want to reward your team for all of their hard work. What’s a good office manager to do? Most would take this moment to order a bunch of pizzas or ice cream for an office-wide luncheon. And while this sounds super delicious, it can post a bit of a problem for some of your workers.

What about those in the office who are vegan, or those who struggle with lactose intolerance (but don’t want to share that with the entire world)? I mean, it’s not always something that you’d think about if it doesn’t affect you personally and you’ve never had to be careful about your food consumption. It’s a great gesture to do something nice for your team, but what if your biggest team player was allergic to dairy?

See, not considering everyone’s dietary needs may actually mean that you could be leaving out an entire group of people from the fun. It’s time to start considering a more inclusive, dairy-free option when celebrating with the office and rewarding employees for their work. Here’s a few tasty treats that you may want to consider providing during your next office celebration:

1. Raspberry sorbet

Unlike ice cream, our handmade sorbet is a cold, sweet treat that is 100 percent dairy-free! Tangy and sweet, raspberry sorbet is a desirable and refreshing treat any time of the year—especially after the beach or in the middle of a hot, sunny day. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but we’ll admit we do love the fresh, summery flavor of raspberry.

2. Lemon sorbet

Who doesn’t like a good, lemon-flavored treat? We’re huge fans of lemon ourselves, especially as the heat continues to beat down on us here in south Florida. Forget the junky frozen lemonade bars that are hard as rocks—treat your office to freshly made lemon sorbet for a truly refreshing experience.

3. Tasty toppings

Nothing says Cold Stone quite like an entire assortment of mix-ins to choose from. And many of our locations offer an abundance of dairy-free flavors, so that everyone can enjoy the Cold Stone experience. Try one of these:

Peanut Butter
Sugar Cone
And more!

Although we may not always consider it, it’s important to take into account the special dietary needs and limitations of your entire team. When a celebration is in order, everyone should have the ability to partake in the fun!

Treat your office to the tastiest dairy-free snacks on the market.

The fresh and fruity flavor possibilities are nearly endless, thanks to our collection of dairy-free flavors. Don’t forget to call your nearest store to see what flavor is in stock! We’d love to cater the dessert portion of your next office luncheon or celebration.