Stay Calm and Eat Ice Cream at your South Florida Workplace!

Five ways to boost morale and productivity this summer at your South Florida Workplace

Eat Ice Cream at your South Florida Workplace - South Florida Ice Cream Catering

Are you trying to motivate your team and increase productivity over the long hot summer?  The way to your team’s heart may be through an ice-cold treat.  It’s hard to block out the thought of the warm summer breeze across your cheek when you are stuck in the office all day long, and motivating a team can be a daunting task when the sandy shores of the local beaches are calling. So what can a manager do?

You know the old saying, “you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream?” Even though they may not be kids anymore, your team will rally once they see the delectable treats you have in store for the afternoon meeting.

Why not throw an appreciation party and make them the guests of honor? Why not reward an exceptionally successful marketing campaign or just start a new office tradition? Motivating your team will be much easier if they know it’s MOCHA MONDAY or FUDGE FRIDAY.

Cold Stone South Florida has just what the doctor ordered to cure your team’s summertime blues. Here are just a few ways to keep your crew smiling and cool this summer:

  1. Cold Stone Signature Catering: Give your team the ultimate ice cream experience by selecting three of our custom flavors and six additional mix-ins.  Treat your employees to this one of a kind experience as we will bring our portable stone to blend their tasty treat and personally serve each and every one of them.  Who wouldn’t love that?
  2. If showmanship isn’t quite up your alley, we are more than happy to deliver our pre-mixed flavors to your location and serve your employees this cool concoction as they basque in the glory of having the best boss ever. Mondays won’t be quite so dreaded when there is French Vanilla being served in the conference room.
  3. Some savvy supervisors have gone as far as having a Grab-and-Go freezer at weekly marketing meetings. Try it - You will never see your conference room fill up so quickly.
  4. Incentivize with treats and have an ice cream social for the team with the highest productivity or whoever finishes the assignment first. Cold Stone South Florida offers cakes in a variety of sizes.  Our cakes serve anywhere from 2 to 55 people and can be customized to meet your specifications.  Why not have ice cream happy hours without ever leaving the building?  Nothing makes an office rally like the promise of a party.
  5. Have an amazing client? Let them know how much you appreciate their business and send them and ice cream party too!

However you choose to keep your office cool, Cold Stone Signature Catering, has exactly what you need to keep the temperatures down at your workplace this summer.  Give us a call - we would love the opportunity to brighten up your summer with any of our delectable delights. Stay Calm and Eat Ice Cream at your South Florida Workplace all summer long with Cold Stone South Florida.