Cold Stone Vendor Highlight: Employee recognition with crewHu

Vendor highlight: Employee recognition with crewHu. Employee engagement is hard. crewHu makes it easy.

Employee recognition with crewHu - Cold Stone


Our vendor spotlight this month is crewHu which is an online employee recognition software program we use for the Cold Stone South Florida team. We have so many great employees in each of our 5 stores. crewHu helps us create an employee recognition program that allows us to track their activities and reward and acknowledge them for a job well done. crewHu also creates a sense of healthy competition because the online system allows all employees to see what other team members from their own and other locations are doing and get ideas, while making working at the store more fun.  While saying "good job" goes a long way, rewarding them for meeting or exceeding their goals is an even better motivator.  It also provides us with data to give objective feedback to each team member about what they are doing right and where they need to step it up.

We believe great customer service starts with great employees which is why we're happy to spotlight crewHu as one of our awesome Cold Stone vendors who support us in providing our customers with an exceptional experience.

Employee recognition with crewHu -  Cold StoneHere are some more fun facts about benefits of using crewHu:

  • Engaged employees who care about your business
  • Increased morale
  • Lower turnover and operational costs
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased transaction count
  • Increased average check
  • Increased sales
  • Companies with engaged employees earn 2.5x more revenue!

To learn more about crewHu, visit their website and sign up for a FREE Trial