What do Your Employees Really Want? Hint: It’s Not a Pay Raise

What do Your Employees Really Want? Hint: It’s Not a Pay Raise on coldstonesouthflorida.com

Money isn’t the only thing that talks.

Let’s be real with ourselves: if it weren’t for money, a lot of people wouldn’t work. Most people work because they need an income to survive — not necessarily because they’re passionate about what they do. This is why management always defaults to a pay raise to thank their team members. Sure, money is an important factor in any professional’s life, but it isn’t everything. There comes a point where workers are going to want more than just money.

Children are a great example for this. The child who receives a large allowance and is spoiled rotten may have it good for a little while, but they are eventually going to want more than just things. Kids are humans, and they want and need attention, recognition, and a pat on the back when they’ve done something good. Your adult employees are no different. There’s more to life than just a great paycheck.

Whether you’re seasoned or new to the game, management can be tricky. All employee eyes are on you, watching your every move to see how they should handle everyday work occurrences, as well as how they should interact with others on the job. They also quickly learn about work ethic as it relates to your workplace. Can they get away with doing just a little bit of work? If they’re doing a lot of work, will it go unnoticed? These are just a few questions running through the mind of a good management team.

The first step to figuring out how to treat your employees, however, is to know what they want.

1. Workers want a positive, constructive, work environment.

There’s nothing worse than hearing a coworker being ripped to shreds by an angry employer. We understand that sometimes a worker drops the ball or is otherwise unsuccessful in the workplace – but letting everyone hear about it is a quick way to reduce employee morale.

2. Workers want work that’s fulfilling.

Sure, you might not be in the business of changing the world, but that doesn’t mean your workplace can’t be life changing! Make every day count by injecting new perspective and new goals into every workday. Help your workers see the broader picture, and give them something to believe in.

3. Workers want to be noticed when they do a good job.

We’re not saying they’re only in it for one thing — but employees want to know when they’re winning. In fact, workers can become very frustrated when they feel they’re pouring out their heart and soul to a job for no recognition. That’s why we’re huge proponents of appreciating our employees with a memorable gesture. In need of an idea? There are plenty of ways to recognize your workers — whether it be a creamy ice cream cake for their birthdays or a sweet ice cream buffet at the end of an especially successful quarter. Anything you can do to motivate your team is the right move.

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