Epic Party Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday 2016

Epic Party Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday 2016 on coldstonesouthflorida.com

They’ll eat. They’ll drink. They’ll cheer—for you!


Last year, an estimated 43 million people hosted Super Bowl parties. And millions more watched the event from a local bar or restaurant. And even if your team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl (only two can after all!), throwing an epic party is still an awesome way to celebrate. Super Bowl parties are not only tons of fun and a great excuse to hang out with friends, they’re a way to indulge in delicious food and drink. To help you plan out one that everyone will be talking about, here’s a list of winning ideas:

Rubber darts, pom-poms & megaphones, oh my!

To make your Super Bowl party totally epic, have a friendly game or two planned that is sure to get your guests revved up (as if the game isn’t enough!).

Give out pom-poms to each guest and have a megaphone on hand for those who’d like to cheer in style. Also, give each guest a rubber-tipped dart gun when they arrive and encourage them to shoot at the TV aiming for the opposing team.

Who knew plastic cups could be so fun?

A great game to play is pass the cup—just give one person a plastic cup and have them throw a quarter or a dollar in, then say something that has to do with Super Bowl, like “extra point” or “field goal”. Then he/she passes it to the next person who has to put in the same amount of money. The cup keeps getting passed until an extra point or a field goal is earned by either team. Whoever is holding the cup when that happens wins the money!

Take those chips & salsa to a whole new level.

Instead of those predictable snack foods, why not shake things up this year and serve up something different? Consider some easy to make dips that will have your guests crowding around the counter (they might even miss the kick-off!) including homemade guacamole, black-bean dip or avocado, bean and tomato salsa. All of these ideas are hip and healthy, yet great tasting and easy to whip up. To add even more uniqueness, serve sweet potato and veggie chips, blue corn chips or tortilla chips with a hint of lime.

How about a make-it-yourself taco bar?

Fun and festive, a make-it-yourself taco bar is always a hit and can be put together rather easily and quickly. Give them a choice of ground beef or turkey, veggies and/or beans and an assortment of toppings like onions, lettuce, cheese, corn, salsa. Be sure to provide both crunchy and soft shells and even some romaine lettuce for those that prefer a taco salad.

You can always wing it!

Chicken wings are a Super Bowl staple, right? You can’t go wrong with dozens of wings in a variety of flavors from sweet to spicy. A great idea if you are going to make them yourself is to do a big batch in a slow cooker. There are numerous recipes out there—one of our favorites is root beer wings (sounds weird, but so delicious). Don’t forget the blue cheese and ranch dressing on the side and celery too!

How about a punch that totally scores?

When it comes to drinks, beer tops the list, of course, wine is also great and all kinds of soft drinks are always a pleaser. But you can take it up a notch with a spiked punch that is cool, refreshing and has just the right amount of alcohol to spice things up. A favorite is “spiked pink lemonade”, including one can of frozen pink lemonade thawed, ¾ cup of vodka, 3 light beers and ice. A little sweet and a lot of taste!

And make sure you give them ice cream!

After they devour all your scrumptious appetizers and the make-it-yourself taco bar, give them the treat that will delight their taste buds and leave them wanting more—our Ultimate Ice Cream Experience! We will bring our fresh-made ice cream to your party, along with one of our portable stones and mix-ins of your choosing. Talk about epic!

If you’re among the millions of people who will be hosting a Super Bowl Party in 2016, we know you want to make it an epic event. Follow these tips and talk to us about setting up Cold Stone Creamery’s Ultimate Ice Cream Experience at your Super Bowl and win BIG!