Birthday Parties at Cold Stone!

Host your child’s birthday party at one of our stores. You provide the Birthday Boy or Girl and we provide the fun setting, experience, the ice cream and the clean up!!!!! Our venues are available for groups of 10 children or fewer from 10:00 – 11:30 AM.

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Field Trips

We happily partner with schools, camps, after-school programs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and any other organization comprised of young people. We invite our guests into our kitchen where we make the ice cream fresh every day and instruct them on the process of producing and storing the ice cream and all the other ingredients that are necessary for the “Ultimate Ice Cream Experience”. Many of our crew members are in high school and a field trip to our stores provide your “kids” a great opportunity to witness young people at work and ask them questions about their work experience. Your tour culminates with your group enjoying a Cold Stone Creamery treat.

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In-Store Fundraising

Cold Stone Creamery provides the perfect venue for your fundraiser!

OUR JOB: to provide “The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience” 1. by offering a premium dessert product, 2. by offering incomparable customer service, 3. by creating a fun, friendly environment

YOUR JOB: 1. Select a date and time. (Monday – Thursday only when school is in session)., 2. Select volunteers to “work” behind the stone and in the lobby 3. PROMOTE THE FUNDRAISER THROUGH NEWSLETTERS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, EMAILS, FLYERS etc.4. Remember: The objective is to bring additional sales to the store and for your organization to benefit from that effort.

The more supporters who attend your event, the greater the reward: Up to $500: 15% of sales, $501 – $999: 20%, More than $1000: 25%

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Cake Fundraising

We will design a cake or pie fundraiser for your school or organization where you receive money for every cake and pie sold to your supporters. All you do is promote the event among your supporters and wait for a check. You do not have to collect any money or handle the product.

Consider a Pumpkin Pie Fundraiser for Thanksgiving or a Cake Fundraiser for Mother’s Day!!!!

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