Ever Wonder Where Sundaes Got Their Name?

Ever Wonder Where Sundaes Got Their Name? on coldstonesouthflorida.com

Because only the coolest know all about the history of this tasty treat!


The story of the ice cream sundae is, surprisingly, one of the biggest mysteries in ice cream history. There are countless, dubious stories of several different towns who’ve claimed to be the inventors of this sweet delight, but only one location can truly claim the title as ice cream sundae creator. In fact, records show that residents in Cleveland, Ohio; Evanston, Illinois; Two Rivers, WI; Buffalo, NY; and Ithaca, NY might argue that the sundae started its humble beginnings in their town.

But, truth be told, we can’t say which location is the true starting point of the sundae — and we’re not sure we even need to. We’re just happy it was invented in the first place.

So then, where did my delicious sundae come from?

Your sundae, full of good, pure fun, might actually have been a dirty trick to fake out the religious laws of the past.

Once upon a time (you know, the 1800s), there were “blue laws” which were put in place to keep people from doing certain activities on the Sabbath. One such law prevented vendors from selling soda pop on Sundays. We’re not quite sure what they had against those pesky pops, but we do know one thing for sure: people were upset.

That’s because soda floats — like the classic root beer float — were a popular confection at the time, perfect for curbing any sweet tooth craving.

But because soda was outlawed on Sundays, floats vendors refrained from selling the sweet, refreshing treat on the Sabbath day each week.

That doesn’t mean the townspeople didn’t get clever, though. In search of a solution, vendors started to substitute chocolate syrup for the soda in floats.

And thus, the ice cream sundae was born!

Why were they called sundaes?

In true “stick it to the man” fashion, these creative vendors started calling their new ice cream treats Sundays. But, in fear of upsetting the religious leaders, they swapped the y for an e and started spelling it sundae.

Celebrating the sundae

Although those blue laws seem somewhat silly in today’s society, we can’t say we aren’t thankful for them. If they’d never outlawed soda on Sundays, we might not ever have the pleasure of sitting around on a Sunday afternoon, digging into a big sundae.

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