Fun St. Patty’s Office Celebrations

Fun St. Patty’s Office Celebrations on

St. Patrick’s Day ideas the whole office can enjoy

Holidays are a great opportunity to bring some fun to the office, boost morale, and improve employee engagement. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. With its free-spirited nature, your office can get very creative with celebrating this beloved holiday. While green alcoholic beverages and pints of beer might be the preferred method of celebration, there’s no reason you can’t still have fun celebrating with colleagues in the office. Here are a few ways to partake in the festivities:

Dress green

Encourage the office to wear green and award the employee wearing the most green or who has the most creative costume. Make the prize something interesting so more employees are encouraged to participate. The more people involved, the more fun the office will be!

Office decorating contest

If you want to really celebrate, go one step further from dressing up yourself and dress up your office! Set up a committee of judges to walk to every office or cubicle and rate each station for creativity and relevance to the holiday. To really get the entire office involved, you can have every employee vote for their favorite set-up (not including their own). This can improve morale throughout the entire day and really make the office feel (and look) like a party!

Festive music

Find a radio station that streams traditional Irish folk music and play it throughout the office. Alternatively, create your own playlist of cheerful, related songs from groups like The Pogues, The Cranberries, or U2. Does one of your colleagues know how to play the flute or fiddle? Surprise the office and jump-start the morning with them playing folk music throughout the building. It’d be hard for anyone to avoid getting in the holiday spirit when a coworker is playing the fiddle in your face.

Office potluck – Irish style

Make your lunch break into a St. Patty’s day celebration where each employee contributes a typical Irish dish. Allow coworkers to showcase their cooking skills with anything from hearty golden potatoes, corned beef, Gaelic grilled chicken breast or traditional beef and cabbage.

Throw an Ice cream party

If Irish food isn’t for you, you can still go green with a St. Patrick’s Day-themed ice cream party. Scream for green ice cream with green sprinkles, whipped cream and frosting. Rather than trying to collect all the ingredients yourself, let Cold Stone help you celebrate. Cold Stone South Florida offers pre-mixed, hand packed, and signature catering services as well as specialty cakes, cup cakes, and even ice cream sandwiches! All you have to do is select your ice cream flavors and mix-ins and we do the rest.

There’s no party quite like an ice cream party. If you’re looking for the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Cold Stone Catering is it. Learn more about the “Ultimate Ice Cream Experience” today. Our ice cream products are made fresh daily from each of our South Florida stores including: Coconut Creak, Coral Spring, Miami Lakes, Plantation and Pompano Beach.