Galas, Openings, and Fundraisers: A Great Time for a Sweet Surprise

Galas, Openings, and Fundraisers: A Great Time for a Sweet Surprise on

Impress your guests with an unforgettably sweet surprise


It’s time to get out that beautiful black ball gown or that sleek tuxedo, time to break out the jeweled heels or shine those shoes! That’s right—it’s finally that time of year when all of the biggest celebrations take place throughout the country (and, honestly, even all throughout the world). Between religious holidays and New Year’s Day, you’re bound to be hosting or attending a grand fundraiser, gala, or opening event.

And with so many people getting into the holiday spirit, now is also a great time to set up a charity or fundraising gala. No matter what or how you’re celebrating, it’s the perfect reason to give your guests a sweet surprise. There are certain foods that they expect at every gala, high end fundraiser, or grand opening, and you want to make sure that you are able to deliver… and then some.

If you’re opening a restaurant…

If the celebration is in honor of the new restaurant you are opening, guests will expect to enjoy snacks that the restaurant will be featuring. It gives prospective customers a taste of what they can expect when they return on your opening day, and will get their taste buds excited in anticipation of their return.

If you’ve planned a holiday gala…

On the other hand, gala and fundraiser attendees will most likely expect to encounter a different dining experience—usually with a more formal type of dining. These fancier occasions (the ones where you really do pull our your ball gown and nicest tux) are likely to involve full waiter service, and guests will expect to be served everything from soup to nuts.

Of course, this is more of a generalization than an end-all-be-all, we just want to make sure that you, as a host, are prepared!

That being said, if you want to really knock your guests’ socks off, there’s one special surprise you should work into your budget to ensure your guests will love the event: a super sweet dessert.

A creative dessert idea…

Most grand events default to cutesy cupcakes or majestic macaroons—and these are exactly the types of dessert your guests are expecting.

Why not blow their minds by treating them to a unique idea: freshly made, customized ice cream creations from Cold Stone Creamery? Having a sundae bar or even a couple of Cold Stone signature flavors with mix-ins at your event is both a fun way for guests to get creative, and a great way to deliver a memorable dessert experience(pro tip: Don’t forget to include a sorbet flavor for any vegans or those who suffer from lactose allergies). Now that idea is sweet!

Want to bring your event to the next level with freshly made ice cream? We’d love to chat! Contact the experts at Cold Stone today with any questions or to place your catering order.