Getting Married in South Florida? Top 5 Wedding Dessert Bar Trends.

If you are getting married in South Florida, cool treats at your Wedding's Dessert Bar are a perfect addition to your celebration.

Wedding Dessert Bar Trends - Cold Stone

More and more couples are adding this delicious treat as a surprise for their guests. When it comes to the best way to satisfy a sweet tooth and cool down in South Florida, everyone screams “Ice Cream”, right? Whether your guests prefer cones or cups, the following ideas sum up 5 fun ways to serve your guests this crowd-pleaser that will be appreciated anytime of the year, especially in hot and sunny South Florida.

1. Open Bar:

South Florida Dessert Bar Weddings - Cold Stone

Everyone loves an open bar at a wedding especially when it is a dessert bar!  Have your own expert Cold Stone Signature Catering mixologist at your reception equipped with our portable-branded stone ready to give your guests a show while we mix their choices of ice cream and toppings. Of course you can always stock the ice cream from Cold Stone yourself and let your event catering team handle it.


Wedding Dessert Bar Trends - Cold Stone2. Ice Cream Cup Cake Tower:

Did you know that the latest trend in cupcakes is actually ice cream cupcakes? It’s true! We can even make a tower of them to make it look like a wedding cake for your special day. Your guests will certainly not be expecting such a delicious cake, and we hear there’s never a cupcake left behind.

3. Ice Cream Sandwiches:

What about some festive finger foods before the big dinner? Well, at Cold Stone we believe that life is short, and you should eat your dessert first. Ice cream sandwiches are a great complement to your hors d’oeuvres table.

4. Dress it up:Wedding Dessert Bar Trends - Cold Stone

Remember, with Ice Cream you can pretty much choose your own colors and let your imagination run wild. We can dress up the cones in chocolate and serve vanilla ice cream in them to make it look like tuxedos, or we can use the colors of your wedding to add an extra special touch to your treats.

5. Ice Cream truck:

Everyone can make the connection to happy childhood memories when they hear the music from an ice cream truck. Give your guests a break from the dance floor and greet tWedding Dessert Bar Trends - Cold Stonehem outside with an ice cream truck serving delectable treats. This will be an unforgettable moment for everyone, guaranteed to put smiles on faces.

Regardless of the method you choose to cool down your guests, Cold Stone Signature Catering, has the solution you’re seeking for an inventive twist on wedding catering. If you don’t see your idea listed here, give us a call, we love to brainstorm with our customers and we are always on top of current wedding dessert bar trends! Let us know how we can make your special day even more memorable.