How to Grab Attention at Your Next Trade Show

How to Grab Attention at Your Next Trade Show on

Because the days of just showing up and hoping for the best are long gone.

Ahhh, the classic trade show. Your time to shine. An opportunity to show who you are, what you do, and why it’s so special in your industry.

We know what you’re thinking. How do you possibly stand out when everyone else is going for the same thing? Here are some ideas.

1. Be the best you can be

In any given industry, you and your competitors are working together toward a common goal, whether you believe it or not: to make everything better for your customers and potential customers. So, displaying unique improvements in your product or service is one way to really shine at a trade show.

2. Learn what it really means to innovate

What’s one word that every business wants to do, but most can’t figure out? Innovate. Finding ways to be truly innovative, different, exciting, and to excel at what you do will help you stand out from the pack in a way that others can’t seem to quite nail down.

3. Don’t just be friendly — get the attention you deserve

What is more likely to grab your attention?

A.) A booth with two people in business attire standing there, smiling as you walk by.

B.) A booth with a vibrant, colorful backdrop, a spinning prize wheel full of free giveaways related to the product or service, and a joyful, engaging emcee who is dressed to impress?

Booth B is going to gain more attention from potential customers and fans than the same old (lack of) song and dance.

Everyone knows that you need to go into a tradeshow with a friendly, welcoming attitude. And while that’s important, it’s simply not enough to really get the job done. You need to go out of your way to be exciting, adventurous, and engaging.

Here are some tips to help you think outside the box.

Are you selling hiking boots? Rent a 20-foot rock wall for tradeshow goers to get them excited about climbing and allow them to test how great your shoes really are out on that terrain. Own a towel company? Bring a portable hot tub, let guests have a quick foot soak, and follow up with one of your soft and absorbent towels to dry them off. Do whatever it takes to realistically gain attentionand don’t be afraid of a little gimmick! That’s what makes it fun.

4. Lure them in with undeniably good snacks

A bowl of stale candy in that antique crystal bowl from grandma’s attic isn’t going to cut it anymore. Stand out with big, bold flavors if you really want to reel them in. Give the people what they actually want. How about a sundae bar with sweet and creamy fresh ice cream?

We can help you out with that one.

We’ve got all the mix-ins and flavors you could ever dream of. Contact us today for a quote and make an impression at your next show!