Half-Birthdays and Half-Anniversaries: The Perfect Time for a Silly Cake Surprise

Half-Birthdays and Half-Anniversaries: The Perfect Time for a Silly Cake Surprise on coldstonesouthflorida.com

You’d be surprised by all the fun ways you can celebrate


Who doesn’t love a good excuse for a vibrant celebration? We know we do! And one of the most unexpected times to surprise your loved one with a gift or special treat is at their half birthday or at the halfway point to an anniversary. We know it sounds like a funny idea, but when else do they least expect something fun, silly, and truly shocking?

I mean, think about it: a half birthday or anniversary is special; it’s the best way to celebrate and honor someone you love at any point of the year. It’s a sweet reminder that you care and want them to feel special.

At the same time, it’s a solid way to prove that you remember that important date in their (and your) life. And you’re prepared to celebrate six months in advance! Who knows? Maybe you’ll get enough brownie points that you won’t be in hot water if there ever comes a busy time in life where you do forget about the real day in the future.

Ready to see real surprise on their faces? Here are a few sweet and special options to surprise them with:

Ice cream cakes

Many of our customers know that each morning, our ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet is made fresh daily—yes, in every single store. But not everyone realizes that you can enjoy that fresh ice cream, yogurt, or sorbet outside of the cone; in a delicious ice cream cake.

We offer signature cakes in a variety of sizes and flavor combos. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we will create a custom cake for you! Personalize your treat with your loved one’s favorite Cold Stone ice cream flavors and mix-ins. What a sweet, sweet half birthday (or anniversary) surprise.


We know, you’ve heard of the classic ice cream cake and tasty homemade ice cream sandwiches. Since these are the classic offerings, we wanted to make our mark with something a bit more unique. Hello, cupcakes! They take all the messiness out of serving ice cream cake, and give the flexibility of offering your loved one their top flavors without sacrificing any of their favorites.

We begin each cupcake with a Belgian chocolate shell, then we layer it with cake, ice cream, and frosting in our own stores. Then, we package the cupcakes in an easy-to-grab six pack in an assortment of flavors. And because we make the cupcakes each day, we can always create a custom cupcake creation just for you and your loved one!

Start surprising someone special today!

Make your loved one’s day by surprising them with a sweet treat to celebrate the next best thing to their birthday or anniversary—that halfway mark! There might not be any time to waste, contact the ice cream experts at Cold Stone of south Florida today!