Hard Not to Love

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Here are some of America’s most popular desserts.


Americans have long had a love affair with all things sweet and delectable. While we each have our own preferences, there are a number of recipes that most of us can agree on as the most drool-worthy desserts for any occasion. Here are some of America’s best desserts you won’t want to miss.

Birthday cake

There’s nothing like vanilla cake, vanilla icing, and rainbow sprinkles to top off the perfect birthday. You’d be hard pressed to find a birthday party lacking this classic favorite in one rendition or another. Crumbly, moist cake topped with rich, creamy icing, rich buttercream frosting, or a divine cream cheese frosting; this is a “must have” to tame any sweet tooth at birthday celebrations here in the States.

Better yet, an ice cream cake is the ultimate favorite among Americans everywhere. This special treat is only enjoyed on certain occasions, unlike the everyday birthday cake but both are well loved among American dessert aficionados.


Pumpkin, apple, cherry, whatever the pie, you can rest assured that this American favorite is a tasty treat you’ll enjoy at just about any holiday party, backyard BBQ, or even in your family’s kitchen for no particular reason.

A good pie should have a crisp, buttery taste and flaky texture filled with a sweet or tart filling whether fruit based or a rich custard.


Craving a sugary treat? Why not curb those cravings with a vitamin-rich, fiber filled fruit smoothie. Say goodbye to mojitos drenched in simple syrup and calorie laden rum. Instead, enjoy a simply sweet, fresh and fruity smoothie.

Sometimes a lighter option is the right dessert choice especially during the warm spring and summer days. When going lighter, some folks prefer a fruit smoothie and others hope to expand the nutritional value of their smoothie by adding fresh veggies. Don’t worry, you can’t taste them even when it turns green!

Ice cream

Remember the days when you used to chase the ice cream truck down the street, quarters in hand? In the midst of the dog days of summer, you’d have a moment of bliss, indulging in your favorite, icy treat under the hot summer sun. Memories like these are sealed in the minds of Americans across the country, making ice cream not only a tasty treat, but also a classic tradition. Sundaes, bowls, and cones have been a signature statement here for years and with good reason! With the perfect mix of freshly sweetened cream, fresh ingredients like strawberries or bananas, and rich flavors like chocolate or peanut butter, who can resist this local favorite?

If you’re ready to get your hands on one of America’s favorite sweets, contact Cold Stone Catering of South Florida. We’re ready to help make your party, event, or birthday as special and tasty as possible.