Here It Comes!

Here It Comes! on

Summer just got a lot sweeter. Cool down with these three sweet treats.


Summer is quickly approaching and if you live in south Florida that means it's about to get hot – really, really hot! Anyone who has ever spent a summer in Florida knows there is no better friend than AC and no worse enemy than a scorching seatbelt buckle, but they also know that there is nothing like living just steps from the beach in one of the most eclectic areas in the US.

The good news is that there's no shortage of ways to cool down whether it's a dip in the pool or a tall glass of ice water. The even better news? You can cool down with desserts! Here are 3 desserts to help satisfy that sweet tooth while keeping you cool.


Ices are one of those things that you don't have often, but when you do you're amazed all over again about how delicious something so simple can be. Whether it's an Italian ice carton from your freezer or a snow cone straight from a street cart, ice goes a REALLY long way in cooling you down on a hot day, and that extra punch of flavor goes a long way in keeping your taste buds happy.


Anyone who thinks Popsicles are just for children obviously has not had one recently. Yes, they can be messy. Yes, they can be sticky. Yes, they will be delicious. Make them at home and add some chunks of fruit (or a punch of liquor for adults) for a fun take on the traditional popsicle.

Ice Cream

Last but certainly not least, ice cream is one of the best ways to cool down when it's hot. Whether you're cheering on your favorite team at a game, enjoying a book on your patio, or just spending the day with your loved ones, there's nothing like a delicious bowl or cone of ice cream. The best part? The flavors and mix-ins are endless so there is never a shortage of variety.

Don't let the hot weather keep you from doing the things you love outside. Just combat it with a cold treat. Whether you’re throwing a party at home, hanging out with a few friends, or enjoying some time on your own, a sweet treat can actually cool you down when you choose the right one. Find out how Cold Stone can help make your summer just a little sweeter.