Hiring Freeze: A Tasty Way to Reinterpret Teambuilding

Hiring Freeze: A Tasty Way to Reinterpret Teambuilding on coldstonesouthflorida.com

 Think a new hire will fire up your team? Think again. Turns out a hiring freeze could have the same effect!

Employee turnover can be a real problem in many employer’s lives, so don’t feel bad if it’s affecting your workplace. It’s not unusual to have a percentage of turnover rates haunting your team, making it more and more difficult to build an efficient and instinctive, natural workflow between members. No matter what industry you’re in.

In fact, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent Job Opening and Labor Turnover Report, “There were 5.0 million total separations in December [2016]. The total separations rate in December was 3.4 percent.” Separations encompass anything from being laid off to quitting a job.

There could be many reasons for a hiring freeze. Whether it was intentionally planned by management, or a forced outcome of the company’s circumstances, a hiring freeze can mean a lot for the organization’s efficiency, accuracy, and even the business’ bottom line.

How do we combat an employee turnover rate? With retention. And how do we retain employees? By keeping their jobs secure, by building the team up, and by pausing all recruiting and hiring efforts.

How could a hiring freeze improve your team?

When workers know their job is secure, they work more confidently — and as result, they often have more personal stake the company. Because they feel secure in their roles, they begin to become more invested, taking ownership over their responsibilities within your walls. And that’s a good thing — people tend to take better care of things over which they feel ownership.

Workers who spend a lot more time together start to understand more about their coworkers’ workflow, they begin to learn one another’s tendencies, and they are forced to find creative ways to work well together toward a common goal. Having a solid and predictable, tried and true team means they’ll work better together, gaining momentum as they continue to get to know one another.

Now that your team’s secure, how about some team building?

A hiring freeze is a good start, but it alone won’t build your team — and neither will forcing the same people to work together over and over. Teambuilding takes a little more than that. Need a few ideas for team building? We’ve got you covered. Cold Stone Catering of South Florida is here for you — whether you want to bring your workers together over a birthday ice cream cake or you want to host a dessert bar night. We’ve got plenty of options, so you’ll always have the right selection on hand.

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