How Ice Cream Enhances our Daily Lives and our Sense of Well Being

Ice Cream Makes You Feel Good

How Ice Cream Enhances our Daily Lives and our Sense of Well Being

When James Brown sings “I Feel Good” we know exactly how he feels and we want to feel that way too! Everyone wants to feel “good” and the good news is that, to a large extent, we are in control of managing our feelings of well being.

We feel “good” when we’re physically healthy. As we all know, physical health is a function of a balanced diet and exercise. But do you know that high quality ice cream can be part of that balanced diet? Ice cream is a source of calcium that is beneficial for strong and healthy bones. Ice cream is a source of protein also required for healthy bones, muscles, blood, skin and cartilage. And ice cream typically contains vitamins A, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12.  Like any other food, balance and moderation are the watchwords but remember to include ice cream in your regimen to achieve physical well being.

We feel “good” when we’re psychologically healthy.  Psychological health is associated with our feelings of competence and self esteem. It’s associated with creating balance in our life between work and play. It’s associated with engaging in pleasurable activities and having fun. A  2005 study at the Institute of Psychiatry in London found that a spoonful of ice cream stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain that light up when winning money or listening to one’s favorite music. Clearly, as evidence indicates, ice cream can play an important role in our psychological well being!

We feel “good” when we’re socially healthy. Countless studies have recounted the benefits associated with building satisfying social relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Most of our social encounters involve food and many include a visit to an ice cream parlor.  When we enjoy a treat with our family and friends these shared social experiences become part of our collective memory. People love visiting ice cream shops with friends or family because they get to share their own treat, as well as that of their friends and family.

So what does this all mean? It’s time to think outside the “waffle bowl” and include high quality ice cream in your life recipe to achieve physical, psychological and social well being.