How to Make Timeshare Sales Presentations Better for Guests

How to Make Timeshare Sales Presentations Better for Guests on

5 easy-to-implement tips that can improve the mood and lead to more sales opportunities


You offer a generous reward (like a free room at a luxury resort or pricy theme park tickets) just for showing up and listening to a short presentation about your timeshare opportunities. But when you don’t get total rejection (most folks agree they’d rather have a colonoscopy), you get those people that show up just for the freebies. And what’s worse, you get others who accuse you of transforming a short presentation into a hostage situation.

As someone tasked with selling timeshares, nearly everyone in the world understands the difficulty of your job. And while you’ve probably tried several different approaches to handling your presentation, we’d like to give you some ideas that can definitely help make the experience better for your guests. That’s is what we do, after all!

  1. Be upfront about time

Don’t tell your guests that your presentation will only be 90-minutes if you’re really planning on keeping them there two hours. One of the biggest complaints people have about timeshare presentations is that they always last much longer than promised.

  2. Make them comfy

Many timeshare presentations take place inside chilly conference rooms or other rooms in the hotel or resort. It’s not fun to sit in a sub-zero room, especially if you have to spend hours there. And if it’s too warm, the same thing goes. Although we realize it’s hard to please everyone, make sure the temperature is reasonable and that the chairs are comfortable.

  3. Tell is like it is

Another issue many people mention when asked why they avoid timeshare presentations is the fact that these presentations are often described as something else. While we know you’ve been taught to sell a certain way, it’s important to realize that people don’t like feeling duped. If you’re offering a free meal or a suite at an opulent resort in exchange for their attendance, be sure you explain all that’s involved and how you’ll be presenting your timeshare.

  4. Don’t be a bully

Another major complaint among those who’ve agreed to and attended timeshare presentations is the high pressure sales techniques forced upon them. If you’re not one of those salespeople that uses bully tactics, bravo! But if you’ve resorted to this in the past, resist the temptation and stick to informing your audience why the timeshare is a great value. If you’re selling a product you believe in, you shouldn’t have to force anyone to buy it.

  5. Make it fun!

Timeshare presentations can be fun! And if you are creative and spend some time thinking about ways to engage your guests, like playing a game where you offer clues about certain destinations and ask them to guess where it is or one where they share their funny travel experiences. With some thought and planning, you can transform what often ends up as an awkward, pressure-filled experience into one that’s pleasant—and lucrative.

If you go online and research all the reasons people avoid timeshare presentations, you’ll find that many of them can be useful when trying to turn around your next presentation. To make it better than ever, consider offering guests the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience with our signature catering. We’ll bring your choice of flavors, mix-ins and our famous “cold stone” to prepare delicious, custom treats for you and your guests. You’ll not only have a room full of happy people, you may even get more attendees and sales! Check out our array of catering packages and contact us today to schedule your next presentation.