3 Fun Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Engagement

The primary objectives of every organization are to survive and thrive. Productive, engaged and motivated employees are an essential component of realizing these objectives. But how do you boost morale and improve engagement in the workplace?


One of the best ways to really get your employees engaged is to create an environment that they love to work in. Encourage communication and recognize and reward productivity. Offer opportunities to advance and participate in team building exercises. Get creative in what you do, but remember that a workplace is comprised of people, and one thing most people crave is interaction.

Below are 3 suggestions for FUN ways to boost employee morale and engagement, while also creating a close-knit team of employees with great communication and the ability to work together.

  1. Friday Fun Days: Fridays are typically the most unproductive day in the workplace. Everyone is ready for the weekend to start, and it’s often difficult to get into the same groove as the first four days of the week. Instead of wasting those last Friday hours being unproductive, try getting the whole team together for some team building exercises. Team building helps create better communication and trust within the organization and is a super fun way to end the week!
  2. National Events: Certain events like the Super Bowl and the World Cup are great times to get the team together for a lunch party. Cater an event and use the time to get to know your coworkers outside a professional setting.
  3. Holidays: There is a certain palpable feeling in the air whenever a holiday approaches. People get excited about a mini vacation. They look forward to spending time with family and are generally just in good humor. Throw a holiday party or host a costume contest with prizes. Promote the positive vibes throughout the office and you’ll notice people working with a smile on their face.

When it comes to employee morale and engagement, it’s important to remember that employees like to be rewarded for a job well done and nothing says thank you more than a Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Social! Check out our catering services and find out how we can help you improve productivity and create a close-knit company culture.