Ice Cream Cupcakes: The Star of Your Next Weekend Outing

Ice Cream Cupcakes: The Star of Your Next Weekend Outing on

Set the tone to your events with this perfect, seasonal treat


Winter in Florida is prime picnic time if you ask us! After all, while the rest of the country is buried under the snow and slush, we’re sitting pretty in 75-degree weather, hitting the beach or a local park, and relishing in the not-too-hot, but just right weather conditions. For a prefect weekend, all you will need are your walking shoes, a nice picnic blanket, a playlist of awesome tunes, and the right snacks to compliment your outing. And as long as we’re talking snacks, let’s get into some of our favorite winter treats: ice cream creations.

Like we said, the weather here in south Florida is pretty mild year-round. In other words, it’s never too cold to enjoy a little ice cream (thank goodness)! So here are all the reasons we think ice cream cupcakes are an awesome picnic treat:

1. They’re an exciting surprise

Everyone loves cupcakes and everyone loves ice cream cake. Therefore, it goes without saying that an ice cream cupcake is the perfect combination of both! Not only is it perfectly portioned into an individual serving size, but it also has the cold and creamy texture of ice cream.

While most people have enjoyed a great cupcake, very few have had the exciting opportunity to have an ice cream cupcake. It’s time to introduce something new to the ‘ole, run of the mill picnic sweets offerings.

2. No knives needed

Thanks to them being individually portioned, there’s no need to lug around a heavy cake, a sharp slicing device, and to use up all the silverware you have. That means that serving and clean-up are easier than ever with these tasty little treats. Who doesn’t love an individually portioned dessert? Make the clean-up AND eating process easier than ever before by packing along these little goodies.

3. No fussing over flavors

Sometimes, it can be hard to agree on a single dessert flavor. After all, everyone has their own favorite. But thanks to these single serve treats, everyone can order their own favorite combo of ice cream, cake, and frosting flavors; or you can order multiple combinations for your picnic attendees to choose from. That means everyone will be happy with what they have.

4. Much less messy than making sundaes

Speaking of a clean preparation, these little cupcakes take no preparation at all! On the other hand, making ice cream sundaes for everyone requires tons of serving spoons, lots of expensive toppings, and an extensive clean-up from any little hands involved in topping their sundaes. Instead, you’ve got all the makings of a great sundae—cake, fudge, sauces, handmade ice cream, and more—all packed inside one tasty, edible chocolate wrapper with our novelty cupcakes.

5. One serving usually has less flour than normal cake

Unlike normal cupcakes, ice cream cupcakes have much less cake than—well—cake. So it’s a sweet way to enjoy a sweet treat, even for those who are a little more conscious about the amount of white flour they’re eating.

After you’ve finished your picnic sandwiches, hamburgers, or hot dogs, you can rest assured that adding an ice cream cupcake to the list won’t be the white flour carbohydrate scale-tipper that you fear it may be.

6. You’ll be the talk of the party

Perfect for holidays, weddings, fundraisers, picnics, and any other type of celebration, ice cream cupcakes are great for any occasion. Just think about how excited everyone will be when you walk up with these sweet frozen treat.

Interested in sweetening up your next picnic or event with these ice cream cupcakes? Check out our cupcake and novelty selections here and contact us today to set up your order!