Ice Cream: The Perfect Companion for Brunch (Mimosas are Great; Ice Cream is Better!)

Ice Cream: The Perfect Companion for Brunch (Mimosas are Great; Ice Cream is Better!) on

Something sweet is sweeping through your Sunday!


We’re not going to lie, America loves brunch. It’s just one of those things we enjoy when we have a free Sunday or spare holiday. And who can blame us? What’s not to love? Brunch is the best of both worlds: breakfast and lunch; savory and sweet; casual, yet classy. Don’t worry; we’re right with you, brunch lovers!

The only qualm we have is the lack of creativity in the brunch menu space. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. There once was a time when brunch really was quite unique. But these days, the hybrid meal seems to be just as “basic” as giant suede boots and iced coffee.

Think about it, we’ve all done brunch at least once—whether it was with friends, or a backyard garden party for a special occasion. And we know exactly what to expect: mimosas, French toast, chicken and waffles, home fries, bacon, and all the other classics. Don’t you think it’s time to see something a little more creative on the menu?

That’s why we wanted to make the case for serving ice cream at brunch. Sure, it might sound surprising at first, but you’ll soon realize that ice cream is the perfect companion for a number of brunch dishes. Want a few ideas? Check these out!

Strawberry crepes with ice cream

Crepes are amazing. They’re everything you love about a good pancake, but better. They’re much lighter, so you don’t have to worry about that heavy, post-pancake feeling in the middle of your day. And they’re crispier, so they never turn into a soggy, maple mess. Pair this sweet goodness with any flavor of ice cream, and you’re bound to be in heaven.

Coffee ice cream latte

Yes, it really is as easy as it sounds. We all love lattes a whole “latte,” but with syrups, creams, and steamers, they can seem pretty intimidating to make. But in comes our hero, ice cream. All you’ve got to do is brew a cup of black coffee and top it off with a scoop of vanilla, sweet cream, or even coffee ice cream directly into your mug. The ice cream kills two birds with one stone, making your brew sweeter and creamier. And as it melts, your cup becomes more and more palatable.

Pumpkin pancakes with ice cream

It’s fall, so we’ve got pumpkin on our minds around here—especially here in south Florida; we’ll take every bit of autumn we can get our hands on. Pumpkin pancakes are a warm, soft, fluffy, cozy piece of fall that we can’t get enough of. But we can’t pretend it gets that chilly down here, so a scoop of ice cream is the perfect, seasonal addition we’ve been looking for. Forget the syrup, this sweet addition is all that your pancake needs. Yummy!

Brunch is sweet. Make it sweeter.

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