Keeping Resolutions all Year Long: Lighter Dessert Options

Keeping Resolutions all Year Long: Lighter Dessert Options on

Getting healthy might be easier than you originally thought!

We’re well into 2017 and your resolutions are either going strong—or altogether nonexistent. We’ll admit it—sometimes we have trouble keeping our own New Year goals, but it doesn’t have to be that way. New, healthy habits pair perfectly with the beginning of a new year. It’s true: now is the time when most of us start thinking about getting healthy again. And if you’re one of the people who tend to put an emphasis on health once January rolls around, we don’t blame you!

But, let’s get real. It can be tough to get back in the gym, change your eating habits, drink more water, and cut out all the lazy habits you may have picked up throughout the winter. In fact, once you start a particular way of eating—like consuming an overload of salt, sugar, or butter— your body and taste buds start getting used to it. Your cravings and taste in food begin to change, for the worse. That’s why it’s important to get a handle on things now and start to reduce some of the unhealthy eating practices we’ve gotten all too familiar with.

If you’re anything like us and you love dessert (duh!), it might be extra difficult to cut out the sweets cold turkey—and maybe you don’t even want to cut out sweets all together! We know we sure don’t (we all need a little spice in life. For us, dessert does the job). But we’re not just being biased here. In fact, crash dieting and depriving yourself of a little fun every now and then might make you think you’re being healthier, but it is actually a recipe for disaster. You’re bound to crave and you’re bound to cave!

Instead of cutting out your bad eating habits and going all health-nut on yourself, why not substitute some of the heavier items in your diet for something a little lighter? Whether you’re looking to reduce your fat intake, or simply looking for lighter dessert options for anything from everyday dessert to special celebrations, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite picks below:

• Frozen yogurt: Though it’s not an exclusive offering, you can often find your favorite froyo at your local Cold Stone. Yogurt is a great substitute for traditional ice cream, as it doesn’t have the heavier cream, and the active live cultures aid in digestion.

• Sorbet: Speaking of no cream, sorbet is a great option as well. It’s super low in fat, and it’s completely dairy free for anyone cutting back! Plus, sorbet pairs perfectly with fresh berries and all sorts of sweet, yet healthy goodies!

• Smoothies: What’s better than fresh fruit, creamy ice cream, and tasty mix-ins all blended together? Best of all, we’ve got some sweet smoothie flavors that’ll help get you back on track and curb your sweet cravings all throughout the year!

So you’re lightening up but having a big party? Cold Stone’s got you covered

Whether birthdays, weddings, or what-have-you, having your event catered is easier than ever when you work with the expert dessert crafters at Cold Stone of south Florida. And with so many lighter options to choose from, you’ll always have a safe fallback plan for your cheat days. Plus, we make our ice cream and other novelties fresh in-house daily. We’re committed to ensuring you get the service you’re looking for at your event. Ready to place an order? Contact us today and we’ll walk you through a dessert menu that’s perfect for your event.