Labor Day the Right Way: 4 Party Must-Haves

Labor Day the Right Way 4 Party Must-Haves on

Close out the summer in style


Labor Day: one of the best times of the year to kick back, relax, and celebrate your hard work with family and friends. But if you’ve ever been to a last-minute Labor Day party, you might’ve noticed it was lacking some of the essentials needed for a truly excellent celebration. If you’re throwing a get-together this year, you don’t want to be that person. Here are a few of our favorite must-haves when partying this September 5th:

1. Access to swimming

Whether or not you have a pool in your own yard, swimming is an essential part of your Labor Day celebration. That’s because the holiday tends to signify the end of the summer season, so everyone wants to get their last pool or beach day in before it’s too late (and even though it stays pretty hot year round down here, you know you’re laughing about how true this is for you).

If you don’t have a pool, take the family and friends out to Matheson Hammock Park, Key Biscayne, or another spot that’s good for hosting large groups. Still short on ideas? You could even invest in a kiddie pool to splash around in during the hot afternoon.

2. Great grilled food

Labor Day is nothing without great food. That means it’s time to grab the grill and make a few tasty treats for everyone. Whether you’re going with the classic burgers and hot dogs or switching it up for something more creative, like grilled watermelon, barbecuing is the perfect way to spend Labor Day Weekend. Trust us, if you’re hosting, your guests will be unpleasantly surprised if there’s no grill involved. Don’t forget something sweet to sip on while you’re at it — for both adults and kids alike, depending on your guests.

3. Great tunes

Whether you’re going with an American-themed IPod party with classic rock, or you decide to hire a local band, the choice is yours — but don’t forget that a great playlist is the most important component to set the mood of any party. Don’t settle for less when your guests deserve the best music for a truly great time.

4. Cold, sweet treats

Let’s face it: Labor Day in South Florida is hot. And your guests are going to want something to keep cool. But your average ice pops won’t do if you want a truly memorable celebration. Why not treat your guests to a little something extra special?

Cold Stone caters freshly-made ice cream directly to your event. Whether you want to have a DIY ice cream sundae bar, pre-mixed flavors, or even gourmet ice cream cakes, your Labor Day event won’t be complete until you bring out the best.

Looking to have your event catered by Cold Stone? Contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and budget to determine the right items for your event.