How to Make Your Kids’ Halloween Party Spooktacular

How to Make Your Kids' Halloween Party Spooktacular on

It’s about more than just costumes, candy, and carving


There’s only one holiday that allows kids to eat an absurd amount of candy all in one day: Halloween. And just because of that reason, it’s no surprise that your kids probably love the day! But what if we told you there are even more ways you can make October 31 special and spooktacular? The secret’s out: here’s how to make their all hallows eve better than ever:

1. Load up on the dry ice

Dry ice is one of the coolest Halloween accessories (no pun intended). Thanks to dry ice, you can have a foggy room or a mysterious punch bowl in no time. Check out the best uses for dry ice during Halloween to ramp up the creep factor in your home during the party. Just be careful when using it with or near children—it can be dangerous to touch, so always remember to follow proper safety measures. Be sure to save all in-drink dry ice for the grown-ups in attendance.

2. Host a costume contest

Little Lucy and all her friends came dressed in their ghostly best. And it’s only fair to commend their hard work putting together such great costumes! The best way to do that? A costume contest, of course.

To eliminate bias (since sometimes kids are so easily swayed), create a ballot with everyone’s name on it, and pass them out to each child. Allow the kids to check off their number 1, 2, and 3 costumes at the party, and collect their ballots throughout the night in an empty can. At the end of the party, tally up the favorites and announce the winner! Don’t forget to leave them with a candy-filled goodie-bag for coming out on top!

3. Dress up the doggie

Pets are a pretty big part of the family. And nothing lights up a child’s Halloween like seeing their dog, cat, or little hamster dressed up just like everyone else is! And best of all, various animal costumes are available all over the place these days, making this fun activity easier than ever.

4. Create a creepy, crawly challenge

Kids love any excuse to get messy—and a creepy, crawly challenge is a fun way to embrace it. Gross them out with wiggly Jell-o worms, spaghetti brains, a nose-picking carnival game, and anything else creepy that comes to mind. Don’t scare them too much, though! You might want to toss in a glowing pumpkin ring toss and a few less gag-worthy games for good measure—to keep their appetite going, that is.

5. I scream, you scream

Speaking of their appetite, we all scream for ice cream. And no party is complete without a ghoulishly sweet treat. Serve up monster sundaes or create an ice cream bar where the kids get to choose their own toppings. The creamery experts at Cold Stone Catering of South Florida have got you covered, no matter how you serve it. Contact us today for more Halloween party ideas or to set up a tasty catering order. We’d love to hear from you!