How to Make this New Year’s Eve Party the Sweetest Yet!

How to Make this New Year's Eve Party the Sweetest Yet! on

See what it takes to shine this New Year


New Year’s Eve is one of the most magical nights throughout the entire year. Excitement hangs in the air as the night lights up with sparklers, fireworks, and metallic-hued décor. People of all ages stay awake all hours of the night to welcome in the next season of life. And as a full year takes a bow, a new one sweeps in.

The air is charged with excitement, celebration, and all things good. And that means if you’re throwing a party this year, you’ve got to throw one that comes up to par with all that expectation. Want to make this New Year’s Eve the sweetest yet with a jamming party? Check out a few of our tips:

1. When it comes to décor, all that glitters is gold

Gold and silver decorations are an absolute must every New Year’s. But if you really keep a close watch, you’ll notice that gold is falling more into favor this year. So, if you want to show that you know what’s hot, go all gold with your decorations for a flawless and classy look. From streamers and noise makers to your very own jewelry, gold is going to be the go-to color this New Year’s. What other way is there to ring in the New Year?

2. Get ready to pop the big question

Speaking of rings, serious couples should take note: New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular (and most romantic!) days to propose to a loved one. So if you want your party to be really unforgettable, that’s a serious way to make your event sparkle.

3. Be a glammed up goddess or a hot hunk

Whether you’ll be celebrating a special engagement or not, tonight is still the night to shine. So, put on your Sunday best—and then toss that in the hamper. Instead, trade in your best dressed look for something even spicier, shinier, and much more festive. Trust us on this one—you’re going to look and feel great. Slay, baby!

4. Spice up your spread with sweet and savory snacks and libations

Let’s get real. Food is just about the most important part of any gathering. Sometimes, it’s the reason we gather in the first place (we see you, Thanksgiving). Think about it: what’s the first thing you do when you get to a party? Check out the hors d’oeuvres and drinks, of course. And we don’t blame you—but keep in mind that your guests are going to do the same.

Get ready to wow your guests with unexpected offerings, like holiday spiced chicken and waffle sliders, a mulled cranberry wine cocktail, and a DIY ice cream sundae bar. Remember, don’t skimp on icy cold dessert options—especially if we’re going to get hit with another warm winter this year in south Florida!

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